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2023's Hottest Boudoir Poses: Warning-- We Mean Hot 🔥

Updated: Jan 23

Hottest Boudoir Poses of 2023

Here we go again! Welcome to the new year and the future. Another year... and another fun list of the hottest boudoir poses for 2023 that you can use when planning your boudoir session.

Getting married? Anniversary? Or maybe you're going in to do a boudoir session for yourself-- if you were looking to push your boudoir limits this post contains some sexy boudoir shots that will make your friends green with envy that you look so good. 😊

I'm lucky. As a boudoir photographer I have the opportunity to work with amazing women from all around the Northeast that book their luxury boudoir sessions with me to create amazing keepsake albums. I truly have a great time working with my clients, and every year new poses pop up and quickly grow to become client favorites.

Just when you think you've photographed it all... someone walks in with a new idea! That's the fun part of my job. As a photographer it's up to me take a clients idea and produce it in a cute "boudoir-y" type style.

NOW...not all posing ideas push the limits 😈 of boudoir. There is plenty of "traditional" boudoir going on out there. This list is some of the sexiest poses-- for the adventurous who want to add a bit of fire to their boudoir albums.

One thing is certain, women are becoming more bold in expressing their sexuality during their sessions... and that's OK!

If any of these poses gave you inspiration for your session, let me know! I love hearing from you. Have you done any of these in your session? I'd love see your results!

So... let's get on with it and see some of the hottest 🔥 boudoir poses you should be doing in 2023!

1. Spread It Up.

boudoir pose of woman standing by bed in spreader bar

Spreader bars have been the rage in boudoir for a bit now. Got one of these little gems? Feeling a little naughty? Strut your stuff in your session and strap on a spreader bar. There are literally a bunch of poses that can be done with this item from fairly tame... to quite erotic. You can dial in your poses to whatever fits your mood and comfort level.

2. Push Out That Bum!

boudoir pose of woman's booty laying with a flogger

Booties are everything in boudoir! Time to show off the results from all those Bulgarian split squats and get a few great shots of your favorite asset. 🍑. This pose is doing double duty featuring the booty and a little boudoir prop. Just lay down and pussshhhhh. What happens next is best left to the imagination.

3. Bedazzle It With Booty Jewelry.

boudoir pose of woman laying in bed with a heart shaped booty plug

Oh, come on... It's hardly a secret that booty plugs are part of the sex lives of many women. These gems have found their way into boudoir posing over the past few years, and boy have we created some gems (💎 See what I did there?) of shots. If you truly want to create some unique poses pop one of these into a few of your shots.

4. Peek-A-Boo

hot boudoir shot of a woman laying in bed pulling out her underwear

He won't be able to flip to the next page in your boudoir album once he comes across this shot which leave little to the imagination. Hands-down one of the hottest boudoir poses for 2023. Will this be in your album?

5. All Tied Up In Restraints.

sexy boudoir shot of a woman laying in bed restrained in a hog tie

Darn! You hate when that happens... but being bound can make for a lustful boudoir shot. Restraints have been part of boudoir posing for a while. Nothing can be sexier than being a bit tied up...

6. Be Sure To Push That Booty.

hot boudoir pose of a woman laying in bed pushing up her ass

A unique take on a boudoir booty shot. Have a great booty? Here's your pose to make all your friends from the gym a bit jealous. Like most booty shots, it's all about the push. This may be a great highlight for your album, and is surely going to make you the envy of all your friends.

7. Life Is Wand-erful.

hot boudoir pose of woman in bed using a wand vibrator

Masturbation inspired boudoir posing has slowly been creeping into the forefront. If your album is for a male partner-- what man isn't seduced by the act of a woman coming to orgasm? Whether real or simulated, these shots will surely get the motor of your man running.

8. The Higher You Go...

sexy boudoir shot of woman pushing her booty up while her head is down

No need to explain what is going on here. This pose has been a seductive favorite for years... and is still going strong. --And a great opportunity to show off your limber yoga skills.

9. The Moment After...

sexy boudoir shot of a woman moments after orgasm

Well... we saw the "during" a few photos ago... and what goes better than a bit of the "after?" Arch back, give your best "O"-Face and let the drama fly. Who knew you were such a dramatic orgasmer? 😉 Real or not... it will be your little secret.