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Creating fun, cute & sexy boudoir videos which are fun to make.  Let your "inner actress" shine.

NJ Boudoir Videos

Boudoir Videos


Lights.  Camera.  Action.  Boudoir videos are taking over!  Each year I produce more and more video content for my clients.  It's a fun new way to create a sexy gift for yourself... or a partner.


Boudoir videos take the idea of a boudoir photo, and expand on it.   --AND it's possibly the most fun you can have creating a gift.


Boudoir videos open up an entire world of possibilities:  A simple short 60 second motion clip of you in lingerie standing near a window.  A cute and seductive video of you slipping out of your favorite dress.  It can even be a longer personal erotic video of you laying in bed... 👀 the content of which is only limited by your imagination!

Boudoir videos are fun to make and can really let you express your inner "actor" and have a great time while doing it!

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Sound Fun?

How long are boudoir videos?  Well, they seem to fall into two distinct categories:  Short teaser videos-- Think along the lines of an Instagram Reel length up to a minute, and longer more involved "boudoir features" which may run up to 10 minutes.


Is there any dialogue or scripts?  No, these are just cute videos backed by an audio track to create a mood.


Can I do a video as part of my boudoir session?  Sure.  Videos are available as add-ons to standard sessions.  

Can I do a session that is all just videos?  Yes.  I am working out the details to create a simple pricing system and will present details on my Pricing Page in early 2023.  In the mean time please contact me with your request.


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