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Multi-day, comprehensive one-on-one education program for photography students serious about pursuing a career in boudoir photography.


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No programs running at this time.

Check back in the future.

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Below are some topics I'm looking to cover in upcoming 2020 episodes.  Experts in these?  Let me know.

  • Shooting boudoir with mirrorless cameras.

  • How to manage children during a kids portrait session.

  • Transitions to the luxury boudoir market.

A Complete Experience

What You'll Need...


The podcast is currently audio-only, but, that will be changing in 2020!  The interview system I use, Squadcast, uses video, but at this time it is just to see each other during the interview.  It isn't recorded.  If you have a camera, great.  A camera isn't needed, however. The video of the conversation is not recorded.  After we schedule a time, you will receive a link to the meeting room via email.

Why Squadcast and not Skype?  Skype was just not designed with audio as a priority.  Additionally, there originally was no native component to record audio or video.  Skype has been developing a version called Skype For Creators which addresses some of these issues, but I'd rather stick with a service designed from the ground up for great quality audio.  There is nothing for you to download, Squadcast is a web-based service, and you'll receive a link to the online meeting room.

Equipment Needed:

Microphone - You can certainly use the microphone built in to your laptop, but an external USB/XLR microphone is preferable.  No need to go out and buy any equipment, but if you have an external microphone they generally have better audio quality.

Webcam Or External Camera - A camera is nice to have, but not necessary.  It's nice to see each other during the conversation, and I've found it make things a bit easier.  You can use your webcam built into your laptop, or an external camera.  As I mentioned earlier, the video is not recorded-- no need to primp!

Headphones or earbuds - To avoid audio feedback coming through on your side of the recording, please plan on using headphones (or earbuds) and optionally a headset mic for your audio.  (If you are playing audio on your PC/Laptop speaker, this will be picked up by your microphone...which is bad.)  I know we can't always have perfect quiet (boy, I wish I had some in my life...) but also please be aware of any background noise that can affect the quality of the sound, e.g. fans, a/c units, pets, kids, etc.

Additionally, I would close any other running software on your PC/laptop that may make sounds/alerts.  Please mute/ turn off your phone

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