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Comprehensive one-on-one mentoring for photographers and photography students serious about pursuing a career in boudoir photography.

Personalized Guidance

As an experienced and accomplished boudoir photographer, I believe that new boudoir photographers and photography students can benefit tremendously from a mentoring program. The goal of am mentoring should be designed to provide personalized guidance and/or hands-on experience, helping you accelerate your learning curve. Throughout the program, I'll share valuable insights into lighting techniques, posing, and effective client communication, empowering you to become a confident and successful boudoir photographer.

One of the key advantages of a mentoring program is the opportunity to tap into the years of experience and expertise in the boudoir photography industry. You'll receive one-on-one feedback on your work, allowing you to refine your skills and develop your unique style. I'll also share my industry knowledge, offering guidance on marketing strategies, pricing structures, and how to build a strong client base. With this comprehensive mentorship, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the competitive world of boudoir photography.

In addition, my boudoir photography mentoring program provides you with the exclusive advantage of personalized, one-on-one guidance. This tailored approach ensures that your specific needs and goals are addressed effectively. You'll receive direct insights, expert feedback, and hands-on coaching, resulting in accelerated skill development and a refined photography style. This individualized attention is designed to equip you with the confidence and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic and rewarding world of boudoir photography.

boudoir shot of a woman in black lingerie and stockings posing by a window

A Unique Approach...

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My mentoring program stands out in a unique way – it operates entirely on the principle that learning the art of boudoir photography should be accessible to all. I firmly believe in a mentorship model where no money changes hands. There is no cost associated with my program, ensuring that aspiring boudoir photographers can focus solely on their growth and passion for the craft.

Mentoring, in my view, should never be about extracting money from individuals eager to learn. I am committed to breaking down financial barriers, making quality mentorship available to anyone with a genuine interest in boudoir photography. My mission is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where aspiring photographers can thrive without the burden of costly fees.

While there are no monetary charges for my mentoring program, I do have specific criteria for participation, which will be detailed in the next section. These criteria are designed to ensure a commitment to the program and a dedication to the art of boudoir photography. I believe that by upholding these standards, I can offer a truly unique and valuable mentorship experience that empowers photographers to reach their full potential.

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Mentoring Details

1. To maintain the effectiveness of my mentoring program, please note that it is not designed for beginners. I expect participants to have a certain level of technical acumen in photography, ensuring a solid foundation for our mentorship to build upon.

2. In order to join the program, you'll be required to submit a selection of your work. This portfolio allows me to understand your current skill level and photography style.


3. Additionally, I encourage applicants to share why they are interested in joining the program, and what particular area they are seeking knowledge, helping me tailor our mentorship to meet your specific goals and aspirations-- and to be sure I am the right person to help.

Typically, I am looking for someone local to my area, and able to meet me at sessions, or for meetings. By adhering to these guidelines, I can ensure that my mentoring program provides valuable, targeted guidance to photographers who are ready to take their skills to the next level. Whether it is for a simple single video chat on a single subject, or several weeks of comprehensive instruction, I believe in a personalized approach to mentorship, and your portfolio and motivation will play a crucial role in shaping your mentorship experience.

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What's Next...

boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie and a long sweater posing by a window

If you'd like to know more, simply reach out to me via my Contact Page and mention the mentoring program.  Additionally, please make note of the specific area(s) of interest.

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