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My boudoir photography experience has earned an amazing reputation across the state of New Jersey.  See why Mike Cassidy is one of the most chosen boudoir photographers in the Ocean and Monmouth County areas.

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a boudoir shot of a woman in black knee socks

You're Here! I'm So Glad!


Boudoir photography is a type of photography that romanticizes and celebrates women.  Curious?  Read on...


It's a fun and unique gift idea for an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or for a groom on a wedding day.  Many woman are taking time to celebrate-- be it a weight loss or fitness goal, "starting over," to rediscover your sex appeal, or best of all-- just for themselves.


Boudoir sounds sexy, right?  That's because it is.  A boudoir session is about making romantic, flirty and sometimes even downright sexy photos that remind you of how beautiful you really are.  


The session allows you to assemble a set of intimate images for your husband, boyfriend, or partner, and sessions are almost always done in a bedroom setting to enhance the feeling of romance and richness.  As for you-- This is your time for fun, dress up, glamour-- and a great excuse to go lingerie shopping.  


For the shy, it doesn't have to be revealing-- pose for your images in your favorite sexy dresses, pajamas, or his favorite shirt.  Wear whatever suits your mood and makes you feel your best. 


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Boudoir Is

About Fun...

boudoir photo of a woman laying in bed


  • A private boudoir session.

  • No outfit limits.

  • Pro coaching.

  • A private proofing gallery.

  • Full image retouching.

My Clients Are Women...


So, you've never done anything like this before?  That's fine.  Most of my clients have never done boudoir photos before, and are every day women just like you!


I work with women from all around Ocean & Monmouth County, including Red Bank, MiddletownFreehold, Brick, and Manahawkin.  That's not it, though.  I have clients from all around NJ including New Brunswick, Cherry Hill, and even north to Hoboken & NYC!  I love it!


My clients are teachers, housewives, brides & students looking for much more than the low quality run-of-the-mill "glamour shots" type experience from standard photographers.  I have worked with ages from mid-twenties through fifties-- including all sizes, races and shapes.


As for the results... I pour my heart into each and every client.  My style of work is all about creating beauty and glamour, with a bit of sexiness and allure.  My formula is very simple, but creates a unique style I hope you will enjoy.  Clients walk away feeling invigorated and confident- seeing themselves in a whole new light.


I have created a fun, stress-free process, and there are never any high pressure sales.  On top of all that, a boudoir album is a personal gift which is truly treasured for a lifetime-- and making it just may be the best time ever!

mike cassidy boudoir photograhy - new jersey
black and white boudoir photo of a dark haired woman covered by a sheet in bed

Because nothing is more attractive than quiet


boudoir legs up on headboard

Real  Boudoir For Real Women


Many photographers are out there selling session as "boudoir" which are anything but!  Don't get fooled.  Boudoir does not involve dark studios, velvet couches or big flashy strobe lights.  --that's not boudoir!  Its just studio photography.

Boudoir, as its name implies, takes place in a bedroom setting.  Boudoir is about capturing a woman in this intimate setting.  --Anything else is not boudoir no matter what your told. 

Boudoir is about beauty, passion, simplicity, and even a bit of voyeurism.  Boudoir is photographed in a very simply lit organic style, and is beautiful and passionate.


I have talked to many women over the years who have been misled by photographers selling sessions as "boudoir"-- which weren't, and didn't know well enough to protect themselves.


Take a moment to educate yourself with a bit of important knowledge about What is the definition of boudoir photography  --  whether you select me, or not, a few minutes of reading will save you from potential frustration and disappointment down the road.  

If there is one takeaway:  Posing in lingerie is not necessarily boudoir.  The boudoir experience requires the right setting, the right mood, and the right methods.

As an expert, and modern pioneer in boudoir photographer, I say with assurance that boudoir is an extremely difficult form of photography to master, and few do it well.  If you have any questions about the boudoir experience and would like more info, I'm here to help. 

boudoir photo of a woman laying on her stomach pushing up her booty



The Experience


Take a look around my website and take in every bit of information you can about my genuine experience.  The only thing I ask in return is to do so believing you can be one of the women you see on my pages. Just imagine how you would feel holding a luxurious album full of beautiful images of you, like the ones you see here.   

I am passionate about making women feel unique and beautiful


By the way, Hi, I'm Michael.  I'm a little bit of a geek, but more importantly I'm an amazing boudoir photographer.  You're in the right place.  This whole boudoir situation is completely my thing.  I really get that boudoir is so much more than just a set of beautiful photos.  It is an amazing- invigorating- and confidence inspiring experience.  

My beautiful boudoir photography will help you feel and see yourself like never before.  You'll be so happy discovering your own beauty, and embracing who you truly are.  I've witnessed first-hand, hundreds of times.  

Imagine a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  A place where you can be free of the every day stresses.  Not being judged, but being heard and actually having fun!  Being and looking beautiful.  Doesn't that sound amazing?  What you are imagining is how a boudoir experience with me feels like... and how boudoir should be.

woman in black lingerie stockings behind



The Boudoir Blog is your one-stop destination for inspiration, and keeping you in the loop on the captivating, sensual, and remarkable facets of boudoir photography.

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