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I'm Michael, an expert natural light boudoir photographer located in NJ that works with clients from all over Manhattan and New York City who are looking for the best boudoir experience possible.  See why so many NYC women choose me as their photographer.



Elegant.  Beautiful.  My brides are simply looking for the best.  In a world where essentially everyone is a "photographer" these days, where can you turn to create beautiful albums that will be memories which will last a lifetime?  

Boudoir is an extremely difficult art form to master, and few do it well.  If you're curious why many women from New York make the trip to visit me every year, read on...


Boudoir is a fun and unique gift idea for an anniversary, birthday, bachelorette party idea, or for a groom on a wedding day.  Additionally, many woman are taking time to celebrate-- be it a weight loss or fitness goal, "starting over," to rediscover your sex appeal, or best of all-- just for themselves.


Boudoir photos sound sexy, right?  That's because they are!  A boudoir session is about making romantic, flirty and sometimes even sexy photos that remind you of how beautiful you really are.  


The session allows you to assemble a set of intimate images for your husband, boyfriend, or partner, and sessions are almost always done in a bedroom setting to enhance the feeling of romance and richness.  As for you-- This is your time for fun, dress up, glamour-- and a great excuse to go lingerie shopping. 


For the shy, it doesn't have to be revealing-- pose for your images in your favorite sexy dresses, or his favorite shirt.  Brides are my specialty.  For the bold, turn it up a notch with an erotic boudoir session, or even bring your partner to share in on the fun.   I'm also working with NYC's best escorts to create alluring photography for business profiles.


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Just a train ride from NYC on the North Jersey Coast line.  You can view your travel details here.

I am two block walk from the terminus in Bay Head.


NYC boudoir photographer, Beautiful Luxury Boudoir Photography for New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, NY.

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