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mike cassidy photography
boudoir photographer Mike Cassidy


Sure, there are lots of "photographers" around these days, and making a choice may seem like a bit of a daunting task.  So, why would you choose me? 


I get asked a lot about boudoir photography, and I've heard my fair share of horror stories.  Below is some of the most important information you'll need to keep from making a mistake.  Let me help you from making a bad decision...

This page provides a brief overview, however I recommend everyone take a look at my guide on how to shop for a boudoir photographer for detailed information about making the smart boudoir choice.

Additionally, an informed person will make the smartest decisions.  Be sure you're actually getting a boudoir session-- Do you really know what boudoir photography is??  Take a peek at my article about the definition of boudoir photography.  


There are a few important things to look out for when choosing your photographer-- some obvious, and a few not so obvious.   When choosing a photographer be sure to pick someone that provides the type and style of photographs you are looking to create.  Secondly, rapport between the photographer and the client is super important to the end result-- if you are not comfortable working together, the final product can suffer.  Also, budget comes into play-- how much do you have available to spend for your session? ...its always best to save up and get your session done correctly rather than discover the hard way that that "discount" photographer wasn't such a bargain.  While these factors are important, there is more to it...


I know that whenever I need to make a decision about working with professionals-- I am looking to make a well informed decision.  What kind of quality should I expect?  Are they an expert at what they do?  What level of service do they provide?  Will they listen to my needs?  Am I comfortable?


Quality is my existence.  Every year there seems to be more and more "photographers" offering services, so it can be difficult making an informed decision about who will provide you with type of result you are looking for in your session.  I use professional cameras and equipment.  I spend a small fortune each year investing in photography equipment, computer hardware & software, and other tools which enhance my work to help me produce top notch photographs.  Its important to remember though, that being a "photographer" is much more than being able to buy a camera and take pictures with it.  Aside from the required technical side of photography, the "art" side of the photographic world has changed so rapidly over the past few years.  The widespread adoption of editing and artistic software has become vital to photographers, as well.  Mastering of this software has become a paramount skill in today's work, and now often separates the "good" from the "not so good." 


I strive to be the best.  In order to become good at something, you have to practice... a lot... a real lot.  You have to dedicate yourself to your work.  A good photographer also loves what he does.  You will get that sense when you talk with them!  This hard work ethic and enjoyment always translates into beautiful work.  I have a particular style and genre and I choose to be the best at it.  There are specialties in photography as there are in medicine.  It may not seem like there would need to be such a thing, but doing wedding photos is quite different from a glamour or boudoir photo session.  I probably wouldn't go to a podiatrist and expect him to help much with my allergies--  likewise I wouldn't expect someone who photographs infants to excel in glamour photography.


Beautiful results.  My approach to editing can be best stated as transparent.  I take a less is more approach where I gently smooth skin, define the eyes, repair minor wardrobe issues (errant garment tags or folds) and make slight adjustments to your figure-- tighten up a tummy or gently slim a waistline.  I think boudoir should celebrate and display how amazing a woman is-- not create a warped appearance of a completely different person that doesn't even look like you.  I cant tell you how my spine curls when I see a photographer who ruins a photograph with alien green eyes and plastic skin that doesn't even look human.  When you see this kind of work on display in a photographers gallery, all I can say is run. 


Great service is what should be expected.  I work with my clients before their sessions to get acquainted, discuss their expectations, and help organize their sessions.  I assist during the session guiding you to produce beautiful results.  Afterward, I can assist in choosing your best images and help put together your products. 


I listen to your needs.  Its your session, and I'm here to help bring your ideas to life while having a great experience.  I am not some type of know-it-all stodgy artist who demands total control.  Each client comes into their session with an idea of what they would like to produce, and I am here to help them create a unique and personal experience with their concepts in mind.


...and finally, a word on budget and pricing.


Women's Portrait Photo Rule #1:  The lowest price does not "win." (And sadly, I'll almost guarantee it will cause you to be the "loser.") Photography is not a price competitive industry. 


Everyone has a budget, and sadly I cannot be all things to all people.  So you are thinking-- Why would I choose you when I can probably find boudoir photos for nearly half your fee?  As a consumer, there are times when comparing prices make perfect sense... like shopping similar model TVs to get the best deal.  One thing to keep in mind is that photography is not a price comparative industry.  Comparing prices between photographers may be as meaningless as comparing the price of a used Hyundai to a new Mercedes.  Just like there are different qualities and styles of automobiles to suit various consumer needs and budgets-- there are differences with photography services as well.  All photographers aren't created equal.  Leaving life's memories to the lowest bidder may not be the smartest move.  I understand that high quality portraiture isn't necessarily inexpensive, but it is well worth saving (or splurging) to have things done correctly (and beautifully.)


This is one of the most difficult points to get across to my clients, and I put a lot of emphasis on this because I know what happens when people don't make wise decisions!  I hear the stories and see the botched results every year.  Very few people can do what I do well--  there are no shortcuts.


I have been doing this a long time, and I have created a structure that is simple and best fits the type of work I do.  Boudoir Photography is a bit of an indulgence.  As such, it should include a makeup session, plenty of educated instruction, and a beautiful location- all of which have an impact on the final product.  Boudoir photography isn't sold by the hour (or half hour.)  Photography isn't factory work which is done on a time limit.  Imagine walking into the hair salon and being asked if you want the "10 minute hair cut...or a 20 minute hair cut..."  What?  A hair cut takes as long as it takes to get done right!  You are paying for a result... not a measure of time.  Similarly, photography takes as long as it takes to get a session done properly... being charged otherwise doesn't really make too much sense (to me, anyway.)


If you have any questions about the glamour and boudoir process.  Please send me a note.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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