What's better than boudoir for one?  Boudoir for BFFs!  Best friends and boudoir sessions have been a long time formula for a great time.  I host many sessions each year for friends, so if you've been thinking about bringing someone along to share a boudoir session-- let's get going!   


Boudoir...With A Friend


What's a BFF session?  A session where you bring a friend along.  Women love boudoir sessions, and one of the most popular requests I've had over the years is "Can bring a friend along?"  Sure!  On session day you both receive professional makeup & hair, and you and your friend have your own boudoir session.  We have a great time!  The best part?  Friends are included in the pricing of my standard session.


There is no requirement, but two of you can even share some sexy poses together, if desired. (Which is a growing trend in BFF sessions.)


Afterward, everyone purchases their own custom book or album for a great gift or keepsake.  For BFFs that want to take photos together-- those photos can be even put in a special book-- just for you and her...  

Sound like a great way to experience something new and exciting?  It is!


For more info in BFF Sessions send me a note so we can chat about setting up your BFF Session.     

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"... I didn't tell my boyfriend what really turns me on are hot chicks."  What does it mean if you are a woman who likes men but finds other women sexually arousing?   


Let's face it.  Lots of women are attracted to other women's bodies.  It's complicated and deeper, though.  The image of femininity is powerful.  Many women look at other women and feel a bond that is both physical and emotional.  It's not about labels, but about connections.


Some of the most powerful and emotionally charged sessions I've photographed are between friends.  


bff boudoir sessions

Be careful... do your homework


Real  Boudoir For Real Women

Many photographers are out there selling session as "boudoir" which are anything but!  Don't get fooled.  Boudoir does not involve dark studios, velvet couches or big flashy strobe lights.  --that's not boudoir!  Its just studio photography.

Boudoir, as its name implies, takes place in a bedroom setting.  Boudoir is about capturing a woman in this intimate setting.  --Anything else is not boudoir no matter what your told. 

Boudoir is about beauty, passion, simplicity, and even a bit of voyeurism.  Boudoir is photographed in a very simply lit organic style, and is beautiful and passionate.


I have talked to many women over the years who have been misled by photographers selling sessions as "boudoir"-- which weren't, and didn't know well enough to protect themselves.


Take a moment to educate yourself with a bit of important knowledge about What is the definition of boudoir photography  --  whether you select me, or not, a few minutes of reading will save you from potential frustration and disappointment down the road.  

If there is one takeaway:  Posing in lingerie is not necessarily boudoir.  The boudoir experience requires the right setting, the right mood, and the right methods.

As an expert, and modern pioneer in boudoir photographer, I say with assurance that boudoir is an extremely difficult form of photography to master, and few do it well.  If you have any questions about the boudoir experience and would like more info, I'm here to help. 


How does it work?  Sounds like that would be fun.

It is fun. Typically, sessions last for two to three hours and the two (or three) friends can have boudoir sessions concurrently-- and take turns with photos. We can order in lunch, have wine, etc.-- It's a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. For women that would like boudoir photos physically together, we typically do the BFF shots in the second half of the session. That way you have plenty of cute solos shots, as well as shots with your BFF. Afterward, everyone gets their own private gallery with their own photos for selecting favorites.

Um, this is kind of embarassing to ask, but can we take some intimate photos together?

Yes. I get this question more than you think. As long as everyone is game, photos containing physical contact together are fine.

Do we have to take photos together in BFF sessions?

Not at all. Friends often come in together because it saves a bit on session fees, for moral support, and its just simply fun time.

My friend and I have always wanted to try something like this, but do we have to use our photos in a book? I don't know if her boyfriend would be so keen on the idea...

Nope. I get it. Typically, those shots can certainly just be between friends. No problems.

What is a BFF boudoir session?

One of the most common questions I receive from prospective clients is if they can bring along a friend. For years I have been booking friends boudoir sessions together. It really is a fun experience to share. Within all these requests, there has always been a subset of women who booked sessions together and awkwardly asked if it was OK for them to take photos together. The more friends sessions I did over the years, the more requests there were for female-female photos. I started mentioning this type of session in some of my promotional and prep guides, and it really seemed to take a bit of the awkwardness out of the process in asking, and its been a favorite type of session ever since... So the BFF session was born! BFF sessions vary. Some women do not want any shots together. Some sessions women want a few playful shots together, while other women prefer do to more intimate female-female boudoir shots. As for the results: Some women seem to add their BFF shots in their albums, while others just keep the shots between girlfriends... it's your choice. You know the saying, what happens in boudoir, stays in... boudoir. We'll that's not really a saying, but you get the idea. 😀

Is there special pricing for BFF sessions?

A friend is included in my standard session pricing. Afterward, each can purchase their own products separately.

Do you photograph female couples?

Of course.