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  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. Anyone who values excellent photography should be able to have it. I realize custom portraiture can become expensive. Everyone deserves to have their lives documented in an amazing way. Most of my session by default have multiple payments. I can work with you to help make a payment plan that works best for you.
  • Do I have to make a deposit?
    Yes. There is a non-refundable session fee required to book your date. Please contact me for details.
  • How far in advance should I book?
    I'm busy! 😁 Generally, book your session at least two months before you need products in hand. Certain times of year, such as Spring or Christmas season, I may be booked a few month ahead and you may need more lead time. Please contact me for availability. After your session: Image processing and choosing your selections may take three to four weeks to complete. Some products may also take a few weeks to arrive. During busy times like Christmas, print houses may have longer lead times, as well.
  • "...All I want is your price sheet. K? Thx.""
    As history as proven, "Drive By" price requestors turn out to NOT be my client a solid 97.4% of the time, so these requests will most likely go unanswered. My clients ARE those who are enthusiastic about my work, love experiences, want to have a great time, and want the best around.
  • Help! What do I wear? Or Bring?
    This is a question I get asked frequently. I really enjoy shooting boudoir because each photo shoot is unique to each woman. Wear what works for you, your body, your style- and most important, your comfort level. Sexy isn't just nudity and thongs. For the shy, it doesn't have to be revealing-- pose for your images in your favorite dresses... or his favorite dresses. His button down shirts, your favorite pajamas...anything goes. Of course, lingerie and cute bra sets are sexy, too! ...And don't forget the accessories: heels, necklaces, stockings... we may not use it all, but typically we will use 2 - 3 outfits. For additional info please see the What To Wear page... My clients will receive a complete Prep Guide after booking with detailed info and how to get ready!
  • "Ummm, this is kinda embarassing to ask- Can I bring my _________?"
    I get it! AND I understand it may be embarrassing to ask about bringing along certain items that may be, well, a bit personal... BUT you're in luck. Boudoir session are all about having a bit of playful fun, and your "embarrassing" items are quite at home here. Although these type of items may not be for everybody, each year I do more and more sessions with items such as: handcuffs, wrist restraints, ankle restraints, hog ties, vibrators, paddles, whips, booty plugs, nipple jewelry, masks... the list goes on and on. Heck, more people are even asking to bring a BFF along to share a few shots. (And if she's ok with it, why not.) Essentially, I've seen it all. And its all ok to bring along... and makes for really playful cute shots. Generally, these items aren't the bulks of a session...and typically wind up only in a shot or two, and why not spice it up! Have a more specific question regarding an item...please contact me!
  • Can I bring a friend along for moral support?
    Of course! You may bring a guest along with you for moral support, if you would like. It is recommended, however, that the guest is not your boyfriend/husband/partner. Your guest may keep you company during your makeup session/preparation, but one the photography starts I prefer guests leave the shooting area. In my experience, it can become a bit of a distraction.
  • How many people will be there during my shoot?
    The people present during the shoot would be me (the photographer) and a makeup artist for touch-ups. On occasion, I also have a female assistant.
  • Is nudity required?
    No. Nudity is never required or expected in a Boudoir shoot. That being said, women I work with will often include shots with "implied" nudity- essentially using arms, sheets, or other objects to cover their bodies and give the appearance of nudity. Also, in some instances a little computer trickery is used and portions of garments are digitally removed to give the appearance of nudity, while the subject was actually covered.
  • Do you shoot Maternity Boudoir?
  • I am very shy, I don't know if I can do this...HELP!"
    No worries! Most people that are part of my portfolio have never been in a photo shoot before. Also, you can always have a friend with you at your photo shoot. Usually, after the first few minutes the "jitters" are out of the way. I will use my experience and expertise to help guide you to get the best images...and help you have fun while doing it!
  • Do you post photos on your website?
    I understand that boudoir/glamour work is personal and I respect your privacy. Boudoir images are not shared or posted without consent.
  • Can I buy any digital copies of these photos?
  • Do you provide makeup / hair services?
    Yes, makeup is included in my session fee. I find that women who have these services professionally done before their session just have that little "Extra" in the way they look and feel about themselves, and it really comes through in delivering "Wow" images. My personal opinion is that these services are integral to the type of work that I do, and doing glamour photography without the glamour isn't quite the same.
  • Will you travel to my home, or a location near me for a boudoir session?"
    Rarely. Travel outside the Ocean County area may be extra, please contact me for details.
  • Do you retouch the images?
    Yes, Images are retouched.
  • Can you make my boobs bigger? Or make my arm thinner?
    Yes-- to a point. Many people inquire about getting their boobs "enlarged" or "lifted." --Getting their waist "slimmed." --And getting arms "trimmed." This is all a fun part of the glamour process, and the magic of computer technology sometimes makes these kinds of modifications possible. You do not, however, need to be perfect to look beautiful. Ultimately, we want the person in the photo to be you-- not someone else! We work together to focus on your strengths and the parts of your body you love. I also use poses that bring the focus on these areas. I certainly will use retouching to hide bruises, pimples, and the like, but please do not expect major altering in your body shape or physical features. I do not do fake plastic "photoshop" skin or "alien" blue eyes. Without getting too much into detail, my personal philosophy is definitely a "less is more" style...and ultimately, you will thank me for it. By viewing any of the samples in my gallery you will be hard pressed to notice any sort of digital manipulation... and that is exactly the way I want it.
  • How long before I can see the images?
    It typically takes two weeks following your session for the full gallery to be completed, although images may be available for viewing as I complete them. I can meet with you to review your images and help pick those you'd like to use in your Boudoir book or prints. You will also receive an online password protected gallery to view and order any prints and products you would like to order. During busy may take a bit longer.
  • I'm really overweight. Am I going to look thin in my photos?
    Unfortunately, there isn't a great PC answer here. I can certainly do some minor slimming to a degree, if requested, but ultimately the person in the photo is going to be you. The more a person is squeezed, the more distortion will be apparent in a photo. After a certain point is reached this becomes very obvious, and isn't a great look.
  • I would love to do this with my Bridal Party/ group of friends... Do you work with groups?
    Yes. I love working with groups. Please contact me to discuss your party and discuss options. Typically, six is about the maximum number that you would want in your group.
  • Can I do photos with my boyfriend?
    Sure. Couples sessions are fun to do. Take a look at the couples boudoir page for some info.
  • Is it ok if my girlfriend and I do our sessions together?
    Sure. Friends booking together is a fun way spend an afternoon with your BFF. It's super common. I also do more and more sessions each year where BFFs come and not only shoot their own sessions, but want to do a shots with each other. You can see more info on the BFF sessions page.
  • Eek! 😲 I don't look anything like the women in your galleries!
    I have news for you! The images in my galleries are mostly my clients who before their sessions said, "Eek! I don't look anything like the women in your galleries! Should I be doing this?" 😂 Now they are THAT woman...
  • Hey, I'm ready to book my shoot. What's next?"
    First, contact me via email, the Contact form on my website, or telephone! Well discuss the photo shoot. Payment of the session fee and a signed contract (which can be done electronically) are required to reserve your session date.
  • I was originally going to do boudoir alone, but I thought I'd like to bring my boyfriend/partner-- will I still have photos alone?"
    Sure. Couples sessions can still have solo photos. It really comes down to preference. (Most couples sessions aren't entirely just couples...) We'll take photos of you alone, which is enticing and exciting for your partner to watch. Then I usually bring everyone together after building a bit of anticipation which creates great emotion in your photos.
  • How long are couples boudoir shoots?
    Typically about two hours or so. Add in the makeup and prep time, and we're probably there for about three hours.
  • Um, Mike, we're not exactly super models, is this OK for us?"
    Boudoir isn't about being perfect (nobody is.) Folks come in to make some great photographs together, while having a bit of fun doing it. It really is a fun way to spend an afternoon with your partner.
  • Is there sex involved?
    Pfew... this is probably the most asked question about couples boudoir. Sex is something that is not on the roadmap for a couples session. It has happened... but that's not really what we're here for. The focus of a couples session is more about intimacy than explicit sexuality. That being said, what I've found is that every couple has a bit of a different expectation in mind. Some want sessions that are playful, or to express closeness, and there are others that definitely want to express more sexuality-- and all are correct. Every session is unique, and that's OK.
  • My husband would love seeing me posing with another man. Can you help us find someone?
    This is a request received from time to time. Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you with the search for your session partner. You'll have to do your own homework here.
  • What is a BFF boudoir session?
    It simply means bringing a friend along to share your session. For years I have been working with friends who wanted to book their sessions on the same day. It really is a fun experience to share. 😀
  • "Wait...I can bring my friend for no cost?"
    Yes. A friend is included in my standard session pricing. --So, bring her along. 😀 Afterward, each woman purchases their own products separately. Specials or bundled offers may not include a friend... please contact me.
  • How does it work?  Sounds like that would be fun.
    It is fun. Typically, sessions last for two to three hours and the two (or three) friends can have boudoir sessions concurrently-- and take turns with photos. We can order in lunch, have wine, etc.-- It's a great way to spend an afternoon with friends. For women that would like boudoir photos physically together, we typically do the BFF shots in the second half of the session. That way you have plenty of cute solos shots, as well as shots with your BFF. Afterward, everyone gets their own private gallery with their own photos for selecting favorites.
  • Do we have to take photos together in BFF sessions?
    Not at all. Friends often come in together because it saves a bit on session fees, for moral support, and its just simply fun time.
  • Um, this is kind of embarrassing to ask, but can we take some intimate photos together?"
    Yes. I get this question more than you think. As long as everyone is game, photos containing physical contact together are fine. For years I have been working with friends who wanted to book their sessions on the same day. It really is a fun experience to share. Within all these requests, there has always been a subset of women who would awkwardly ask if it was OK for them to take photos together. The more friends sessions I did over the years, the more requests there were for female-female photos. I started mentioning this type of session in some of my promotional and prep guides, and it really seemed to take a bit of the awkwardness out of the process in asking, and its been a favorite type of session ever since... So the BFF session was born! BFF sessions vary. Some women do not want any shots together. Some sessions have a few playful shots together, while other women prefer do to more intimate female-female boudoir shots. As for the results: Some women seem to add their BFF shots in their albums, while others just keep the shots between girlfriends... it's your choice. You know the saying, what happens in boudoir, stays in...boudoir. We'll that's not really a saying, but you get the idea. 😀
  • My friend and I have always wanted to try something like this, but do we have to use our photos in a book? I don't know if her boyfriend would be so keen on the idea..."
    Nope. I get it. Typically, those shots can certainly just be between friends. No problems.
  • Do you photograph female couples?
    Of course.
  • I really want to take photos together with another women, but I don't seem to know anyone that will. Can you help me?
    You're not alone. I get asked for help in finding a female partner from time to time... but this is something I wouldn't be able to assist with.
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