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My erotic boudoir shoots provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to express yourself and explore your sensuality. With a professional and artistic approach, I create stunning images that celebrate your unique beauty during an unforgettable boudoir session. Whether you're looking to surprise a special someone, or simply embrace your sensuality, our erotic photoshoot experience is designed to empower you and create lasting memories. Let us help you reveal your inner allure and create captivating images that you will cherish for a lifetime. The perfect fun session for those who want to take a deeper dive into boudoir photography.  

a woman with her hands tied behind her back

Going Further...


Boudoir photography can come in a few different forms.  Traditional boudoir is focused on beauty with elements of voyeurism, and is a look in on a women's private world.  Erotic photography is a style of boudoir that incorporates these ideas but takes a deeper dive into the sexual side of women. 


It's enticing, personal, and sexually suggestive-- all the while maintaining total balance a beautiful artistic manner.  These sessions follow the tenets of my standard boudoir photography session, but tend to go a bit further creating a sensual erotic photography gift perfect for any occasion.

A few years ago I started receiving awkward requests from clients who loved their boudoir session but weren't exactly certain how to ask for more.  Perhaps it was the whole Fifty Shades Of Grey influence, but there seemed to be a pent up desire from certain clients to include more photos of a suggestive nature in their session.  

Since then, I have made more of an effort to raise awareness that erotic boudoir shots are not only fine, but fun-- and now I receive plenty of requests to include this type of photo in albums. Erotic sessions generally include more nudity, sexuality, afterglow shots, and a range of fun props such as handcuffs, restraints... the list goes on. 

Erotic boudoir photography embraces the sensual and intimate aspects of a woman's personality, providing an amazing opportunity for self-expression and exploration. As a professional photographer with experience in this field, I understand the importance of creating a safe, comfortable, and judgment-free environment for clients during these sessions. This allows them to fully immerse themselves in the experience and to feel confident and empowered in their own skin.

In addition to capturing stunning images, an essential part of the process is ensuring that the photos are professionally retouched to enhance their beauty and allure. Clients who choose to incorporate erotic boudoir photography into their sessions will find it to be a rewarding experience that not only produces visually captivating images but also fosters personal growth and self-discovery. So, whether you're looking to surprise a partner or simply celebrate your sensuality, an erotic boudoir session at Mike Cassidy Photography offers the perfect blend of artistry, passion, and intimacy.

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Fun For Solo Sessions...


Traditionally, these erotic sessions have been solo, for women who want to express their sexuality in a beautiful artistic manner.  Typically, they contain elements of standard boudoir sessions, with spicier elements to kick up the heat of the session.  Over the past few years, however, both couples boudoir sessions and BFF sessions have been growing in popularity and have wanted their own versions of this shoot.


Couples Boudoir Session.  Couples boudoir is a growing trend in the category.  Typically, the session is still primarily solo, with the partner taking part in a few sets.  Intimacy and physical contact is fine, and a great way to spice up your love life.  


BFFs.  Sure, you can bring your BFF along.  The session can be primarily solo, with your BFF taking part in a few sets.  Intimacy and physical contact is fine.  Makeup is available for BFFs.  For those who want to share an entire session concurrently with your BFF-- no problem.  See the BFF Sessions page for info.

a woman kneeling in a bed wearing leather lingerie and cuffs
NJ Erotic Boudoir

Let's get


Be careful... do your homework

Woman posing for an erotic boudoir photo with a whip



Many photographers are out there selling session as "boudoir" which are anything but!  Don't get fooled.  Boudoir photography does not involve dark studios, velvet couches or big flashy strobe lights.  --that's not boudoir!  Its just studio photography.

Boudoir, as its name implies, takes place in a bedroom setting.  Boudoir is about capturing a woman in this intimate setting.  --Anything else is not boudoir no matter what your told. 

Boudoir is about beauty, passion, simplicity, and even a bit of voyeurism.  Boudoir is photographed in a very simply lit organic style, and is beautiful and passionate.


I have talked to many women over the years who have been misled by photographers selling sessions as "boudoir"-- which weren't, and most clients didn't know well enough to protect themselves.


Take a moment to educate yourself with a bit of important knowledge about What is the definition of boudoir photography  --  whether you select me, or not, a few minutes of reading will save you from potential frustration and disappointment down the road.  

If there is one takeaway:  Posing in sexy lingerie is not necessarily boudoir.  The boudoir experience requires the right setting, the right mood, and the right methods.

As an expert, and modern pioneer in boudoir photographer, I say with assurance that boudoir is an extremely difficult form of photography to master, and few do it well.  If you have any questions about boudoir and would like more info, I'm here to help. 



The Boudoir Blog is your one-stop destination for inspiration, and keeping you in the loop on the captivating, sensual, and remarkable facets of boudoir photography.

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