The perfect fun session for those who want to take a deeper dive into boudoir.  

Boudoir photography can come in a few different forms.  Traditional boudoir is focused on beauty with elements of voyeurism, and is a look in on a women's private world.  Erotic boudoir is a style of boudoir that incorporates these ideas but takes a deeper dive into the sexual side of women. 


It's enticing, personal, and sexually suggestive-- all the while maintaining a beautiful artistic manner.  These sessions follow the tenets of my standard boudoir, but tend to go a bit further creating a sensual gift perfect for any occasion.

A few years ago I started receiving awkward requests from clients who loved their session but weren't exactly certain how to ask for more.  Perhaps it was the whole Fifty Shades Of Grey influence, but there seemed to be a pent up desire from certain clients to include more photos of a suggestive nature in their session.  

Since then, I have made more of an effort to raise awareness that erotic boudoir shots are not only fine, but fun-- and now I receive plenty of requests to include this type of photo in albums. Erotic sessions generally include more nudity, sexuality, afterglow shots, and a range of fun props such as handcuffs, restraints... the list goes on. 

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