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A boudoir bachelorette party is a great time for your group- from two friends to the entire wedding party!  Serving amazing groups from all over NJ and New York City.

bachelorette party ideas


Gather The Girls For...

Have you been searching for bachelorette party ideas? 


A Boudoir Party is a fun excuse to get your friends together and have a great time.  Bring together two or more of your girlfriends and enjoy the evening dressed in your sexy best, and have a party all the girls will remember. It could be for a bachelorette party, a prequel to a night on the town, a unique way to celebrate a birthday party with the girls (which works out great!) or just for the fun of it.


Serve cocktails and snacks, play your favorite music, gossip, and get your hair and makeup done--  Professional hair and makeup is included for all girls-- after all, it is a party.  When you feel great about yourself it really comes across in your images!  


Each party is unique, but typically each guest receives a 30 minute mini boudoir session.  Photo sessions are private, and away from the crowd, but you have the option of doing a few group boudoir photos with all of your girlfriends.   Products, are again, unique to each party and their interests, but pricing can be structured to include items for each guest, or they may purchase products afterward a la carte.  Boudoir party pictures are a great keepsake for your event. 


As a bonus, after the party everyone is looking great and ready for your night out!  


Custom Tailored

I love working with groups, and boudoir party pricing will vary according to the number of guests, length of each photo session, and the type of products provided.  Typically, the larger the group, the shorter the session would be... to keep things moving.  Products are available according to your party budget and cost per girl.  Please contact directly me to discuss your party needs.  I love working with bachelorette party ideas NYC.


One of my favorite ways to organize one of these events is actually during the daytime-- pre-lunch, or pre-dinner, so when the party is over, everyone is dressed, made up, and ready to go!



Please contact me for info. 


Typically a minimum of three ladies. (Max about 6.)

Sounds interesting? Send me a note to learn more

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