What's better than boudoir for one?  Boudoir for two!  See why amazing couples from all across New Jersey choose me as their photographer.

Couples boudoir photography is on the rise!  As we know, boudoir photography is focused on beauty with elements of voyeurism, and is a look in on a women's private world.  Couples boudoir is a style that incorporates these ideas and makes them even better by sharing your session with your partner. 


It's enticing, personal, and stimulating-- all the while maintaining a beautiful artistic manner.  These sessions follow the tenets of my standard boudoir, but are extended to show intimacy between you and your partner.

Couples boudoir has been a big hit over the past few years.  Perhaps it was due to the whole Fifty Shades Of Grey influence, but there seemed to be a pent up demand from certain clients who wanted to include a partner in their session.  ...And why not!

Does it sound like a great way to experience something new and exciting with your partner?  It is!  Traditionally, these sessions still seem to be a bit more solo female focused, with the partner joining in for certain sets-- but it's your session and we can create as many couples boudoir poses as you wish.

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