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Why Women Are Making Boudoir Videos...And Loving It! 👙

Updated: Mar 10

Are boudoir videos becoming more and more popular? Yasss! Should you be creating a boudoir video on your next session? Um... Yas! Let's take a look and see why boudoir videos have become so popular...

For many years boudoir photography sessions have been a popular experience for women. You know all about it! Simply stated, boudoir sessions a fun time. Women walk away from their sessions feeling energized-- it's a great break from a hectic work/wedding schedule. The takeaway from your session is beautiful artwork to keep and share. Additionally, your boudoir photos are great memories you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Over the past few years, there has been an addition to the boudoir session that has been growing in popularity-- the boudoir video. There are a growing number photographers that are offering video services to their clients as part of their sessions. I started shooting boudoir shorts perhaps four or five years ago upon customer request. It really started as a spur of the moment thing when a client asked if we could shoot a short video... sure, why not!

My first videos were quite simple. Video shooting and editing is an entirely new skillset a photographer has to learn in addition to the photographic demands of a client session. To be honest I knew little about shooting video... except my DSLR could do it! I flipped a switch and we started messing around and shooting video... she loved it!

Since then, and as more clients have requested the service, I've personally put more and more effort in to studying and practicing my video production. In my business I work with women who can come in from all over the country expecting spectacular boudoir results... so I had to get my video skills up to par! 😀

Honestly, my video skills are still a work in progress-- which I tell my clients, but that doesn't limit the fun we have during a session. And what I've seen is that women really do enjoy the video portion of their sessions. It may be just me, but the inhibitions seem to go by the wayside and the women really enjoy the role playing and acting.

Every woman should schedule a boudoir session at least one time. If you've been thinking about boudoir videos here's a short Q&A below...


What is a boudoir video?

Well, simply stated it's like boudoir photo... but in video form.

How long are boudoir videos?

The final version of a boudoir video can be anywhere from 45 seconds, for short boudoir teaser videos, to several minutes long for more involved boudoir features.

What type of boudoir videos are women making?

Boudoir videos run the gamut similar to boudoir photo sessions.

Some are simple videos of woman kneeling or laying in bed with the camera panning around them. The subject is often making eye contact with the camera and her hands may be moving around on her body.

Another common type are boudoir undressing videos. These typically run the line of a woman teasingly removing a dress or a robe to reveal undies underneath. She may come walking into a room, or it may start from her in standing still position.

Some videos don't even involve a lot of movement. Some of my client favorites are simple videos of the subject standing by a window looking cute with the camera panning around her body. She may or may not be looking into the camera.

Boudoir videos don't have to be complicated or super scripted.

Another type of video being shot are what I'd call personal erotic videos. --More on that right below.

Are women shooting any erotic type videos?

Yes. More than I ever thought... This was actually quite an eye opener for me at first, but many clients coming in really expressed an interest in doing some type of erotic video. That being said, "erotic" is a term that can man many things to many people but I categorize it as something that starts to take on more of a sexual nature.

This is not something that women typically do in their everyday lives! The interesting this is I would see clients not only smiling, but laughing out loud after doing a video scene. It's not uncommon for women to burst out laughing even in the middle us shooting a particular shot-- we really have a fun time.

What type of erotic videos are women making?

This really surprised me at first, but a common theme among women is typically some form of masturbation whether implied, or actual. Clients would often tell me one thing their partner loves the most is watching them. After they find out that its a fairly common request, and I show them some clips or walk them through some previous similar videos-- it's usually game on.

Is making a boudoir video expensive?

It can be. Video production can be very time and resource intensive. Most of the videos I make for my clients are short, and sometimes are included in some client packages or bundles. If a client wants to do something more involved we need to discuss the details and see if it fits within their session budget. From time to time I have clients that request to come in to solely do videos!

How much does a boudoir video cost?

Like everything else in the photography world-- prices will vary. The bottom line is it will be based on the length and complexity of the project. I like to work light and fast and tend to keep things on the simple side. Many of my client videos are what I call "teaser" videos, which are general in the 45 second range... and may be in the area of $250 to produce when part of a client session. Longer and more complex videos can increase in price significantly. Video edi