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Photographer Reveals How Millennials Are Changing Boudoir With These Sexy Poses 🔥👀

Updated: Jun 4

boudoir photo of a women laying in bed in black lingerie pulling on her underwear

You've been planning your boudoir photography session for months. You've picked a great photographer. You know exactly what you're going to wear. --AND you've always wanted to do a boudoir session that is a bit on the edgier side... NOW you just need to put it all together with some amazing sexy boudoir poses to create a collection you've always dreamed of making.

So, where to start? What are Millennial women really doing these days in the boudoir studio? And how have they changed boudoir? Well, let's take a look because they have definitely brought their own ideas to boudoir and have really have taken it to an entirely new level of steaminess.

First, a bit of an aside, and a pet peeve of mine... Make sure you book with a top-notch boudoir photographer. This is a critical part of your success. This is part of the reason why you are paying more for a pro... expertise. Experienced boudoir photographers are well versed in posing, and have an arsenal of poses ideas which will help you look your best-- whatever your desired style of session.

Going with an amateur, such as your co-worker's bestie (because she thinks boudoir photography is awesome, and wants to learn), typically will end up with your results not quite living up to your expectations... despite the super cheap deal she offered. In the world of photography... cheaper isn't better. Women struggle with wrapping their heads around this concept, but ask yourself this-- Do you go out to dinner to Burger King on your anniversary? No? Why not??? It's the cheapest?

OK...back to the posing... Whichever your route, the great thing about boudoir photography is that your session is unique to you. I've personally photographed hundreds of sessions, and no two have ever been the same!

Women often do homework online and research posing ideas they would like to incorporate into their sessions. This is great because you can get ideas of what is currently going on in the world of boudoir posing to help personalize your session. Additionally, sharing your new found fav poses with your photographer can help him/her be in alignment with your desired results.

Here's one truth about boudoir posing over the past ten years or so... It has definitely trended to being a bit more edgy-- well, maybe a lot more edgy. Many of the classic poses are still in play, but there has been a whole host of new sexy posing ideas that have taken hold over the past few years... and women love them!

Women always want to know what cute boudoir poses other clients are doing, so I wanted to share some of the latest sexy boudoir poses going into tons of wedding, anniversary, and Christmas albums over the past few years. --These certainly aren't your "traditional" type poses, but more and more these incredibly hot shots are being requested by clients to fill the pages of their albums.

Now, here's a fair warning. These poses aren't for everyone! Although a boudoir session can be completely demure and turn out to be exceptional, there are a growing number of women who have great fun exploring their sexuality and enjoy creating shots that can seriously turn up the heat to an entirely new level.

Not really into edgy boudoir poses? Go back now! 😀 Otherwise, if your interested in finding out what's going on with Millennials in the boudoir studio lately let's begin...

Let's Start With The Booty Shot...

boudoir pose of woman booty climbing into bed

Do I need to even really expand on this pose? Let's face it. Booty shots are popular, but there is a way to take it to the next level. Sometimes a bit closer it better... A single shot like this can cause the pages in your album to spontaneously catch fire! 🔥 Since posted in my galleries, this pose has come on incredibly strong... and for good reason. Everyone loves a great booty shot! Love this!

Here's Another Booty Pose That Will Stop Traffic...

boudoir pose of blonde millennial woman in black lingerie

Beautiful lingerie is always important to the final look of your session. Don't skimp on your outfits. I always tell my clients I'd rather have them buy one great outfit than bring along five cheap ill-fitting ones. Here is another 3/4 length killer booty shot with beautiful lingerie to make for a show stopping boudoir pose.

This Booty Pose Is Just Fire...

amazing hot booty pose in red lingerie

What can I really say? Although maybe not "technically" a booty pose... you get the idea with this one! 🔥 Got what it take to pull this off? Clearly not for every boudoir album, but this can certainly launch you to an entirely new level of hotness. These "close-up" style shots are growing in popularity, and when done right create a lasting impression. This is a pose that has zoomed up in popularity and is one of the most liked and requested from my galleries.

Spreader Bars Are The New Handcuffs...

boudoir pose of women in spreader bar

Handcuffs are so passé. So 2010. Metal spreader bars and restraints are where its at. These devices have been in more and more sessions over the past few years. They are photographed in both standing and laying down poses-- as you can image the results a steamy. The fun thing about spreader bars is that they can "imply" a certain message and the viewer can create their own story... without necessarily creating a photo that is too graphic. Note: these devices can be costly... $75, $100 or more... but in some circumstances may be well worth the price. So, have you been thinking about bringing your spreader bar to your session? Why not!

Laying Down With Spreader Bar

sexy boudoir pose of women in lingerie laying in bed tied to spreader bar

Bejeweled Bootys Are A Growing Request

sexy boudoir pose of women with jeweled booty plug

Several years ago the first few semi-awkward requests from clients to do these booty plug boudoir shots caught me a bit off guard, Booty plugs? In boudoir? One thing I've learned, however, is that every woman has a unique vision of her own "sexy." The interesting part, for me, is to figure out how to take a new item and make it look...cute! 🧸. Since I've posted some of these photos in my gallery (with permission, of course) this has become a requested pose. Who knew this would be such a sought after type of shot! --But it is! Of course, again, this isn't for everyone, but let's face it... as we've seen above both men and women are huge fans of booty shots, and this just takes it up notch.

Going For The Plunge...

boudoir photo of a woman in strappy black lingerie sliding her hand in her underwear

Boudoir has always involved a bit of playing touching. Plenty of women now are turning up the intensity a bit and are looking for some boudoir shots that are a bit more salacious. I often receiving requests to recreate shots like the one above, that may send a bit more of an implied message of masturbation or playful teasing.

Batteries Not Included...

boudoir shot of woman in black lingerie using vibrator

I've had women bringing vibrators to boudoir sessions for years. It's a prop that has gone more or less mainstream, and for good reason. Turns out these masturbation shots are big favorites of not only the women, but their partners, as well. Most women have a few favorites at home, and using a sex toy with, or for a partner is a part of many relationships-- so why not capture those erotic moments in your album? Often these shots are more "implied" than actual-- and that's fine. --But there are plenty of women that want to roll with the moment and are happy "method acting" a more real scenario to capture for their partner.

...AND The Big "O"

boudoir pose of woman having orgasm

Are women really doing this? Yes! Whether real or simulated, the Big O has established it's place in boudoir. The drama. The sensuality. The raw sexuality of the orgasm is appealing for both women and men alike. Although not everyone is so "overly dramatic" in this moment-- you don't need to be. Have some fun with it. It's more about being genuine and "you", which is the best way to approach this type of shot. It doesn't necessarily need to be overly graphic either-- the emotion of the moment is what makes it captivating. If you really want to kick up the spice in your boudoir posing, this will certainly do the trick.


In wrapping up this exploration into the evolving world of boudoir photography, it's important to remember that the comfort and consent of the subject is always paramount. It's fascinating to see how Millennial women are rewriting the rules, daring to define their own sensuality and pushing boundaries with an edgier approach. This newfound boldness mirrors the shift in societal norms where conversations around sexuality have become more open and accepted.

A key takeaway here is the rise in popularity of edgier and more audacious poses. Yet, we must keep in mind that while these poses are exciting, innovative, and arguably liberating for some, they're not for everyone. And that's okay! Boudoir photography should be a celebration of one's own sensuality, not a mere adherence to a trend. Remember, the goal is to create an album that represents you at your most confident and sexy self, regardless of what's 'hot' in the world of boudoir right now.

That brings us to another important point - collaboration. To achieve the best results, the subject and photographer must work together. This means sharing your posing ideas, discussing comfort levels, and establishing a clear understanding of your vision for the session. This level of mutual understanding and respect can lead to a collection of shots that exceeds your expectations.

The evolution of boudoir photography poses is a testament to the changing definitions of beauty and sexuality. The modern, edgy style popular among Millennials reflects a greater willingness to explore and express individuality. This trend aligns with a broader cultural movement towards self-expression and empowerment.

In conclusion, whether you're opting for classic, edgy, or something entirely unique, the key to a successful boudoir shoot lies in personalization and open communication. Trends will come and go, but the enduring beauty of boudoir photography remains in its capacity to capture each individual's unique sensuality. After all, the ultimate goal is to create an experience that makes you feel empowered and a collection that makes you proud. So, keep an open mind, explore your options, but most importantly, have fun and let your unique sexy side shine!

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