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5 Sexiest Boudoir Poses Of 2019 And How To Do Them Right

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

5 sexiest boudoir poses of 2019
5 sexiest boudoir poses of 2019

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2019! My name is Michael and I am an expert boudoir photographer who works with wonderful women from all across New Jersey and the NYC area. I photograph lots of boudoir sessions every year, and one of the fun parts of boudoir is that new boudoir posing ideas are always popping up and working their way into client albums. Some poses seem to really catch on and clients come in specifically looking to get them in their photo books. This is post contains some of what I believe will be the Sexiest 5 Boudoir Poses of 2019.

This guide isn't for photographers, but meant for boudoir clients looking to get some sexy posing ideas for their special boudoir albums. As a posing expert, I can tell you, small details can make or break every pose, so make sure you work with an accomplished photographer who bring out your inner "posing goddess."

What will be the sexiest poses of 2019 be? Let’s take a look and find out. There are quite a few new entries for 2019. Boudoir can be many things– Fun. Flirty. Sexy. –Or any combination of those. The fun part about it is you can tailor your session to be uniquely your own. Ultimately, you are looking to create a set of photos that make you feel great about yourself, and possibly to make your boyfriend, husband, or partner drool a bit, too. The difference between an average boudoir album and a great one is all about the posing! If you are working with a skilled photographer, he/she will be well versed in complimentary poses and will guide you throughout your session toward your ideal boudoir book.

As a pro, let me tell you, it never hurts to do some homework and get a “leg up” on some boudoir posing ideas. I always give my clients this homework assignment have them looks at sites such as Pinterest for boudoir poses and find some posing pins they'd love to do in their session. Not only does this help them get some great ideas, it’s a great tool for me to get some insight into what's on their minds and the direction of their session may be headed.

From my experience you can never tell what someone is thinking… At first impression, I may suspect a client may be quite demure– but they surprise me with some exciting seductive photo ideas. Conversely, I’ve had pre-session consultations with clients who suggest they want some real sexy poses, and their sessions turn out to be rather tame. Whether wild or tame, there are a few poses that every woman seems to have stored away in their iPhone galleries to show me during their boudoir sessions. These help to give me an idea of what the client's ultimate look and feel of their album may be.

One important thing I always tell all my clients, not every pose you see online is necessarily ideal for everyone. You have to learn to stick with your strengths. Very few woman are 5′ 9″ 125lbs., with super long legs, big boobs, curvy hips, and natural pouty gaze that will look stunning at any angle-- no matter what the shot. I know from practical experience which poses will best fit certain body shapes, but first time boudoir clients will lack the benefits of this expertise and need to rely on an experienced professional. Although I will happily accommodate a client's posing request which may not be the most flattering (a boudoir session is all about having fun, after all!) I know, more often than not, when a client is reviewing these poses after the session, I get a "You were right, Mike…" and the photo is typically discarded.

The simple key is to boudoir happiness is to pick the poses that make you look your best. I thought I'd share some of the sexiest boudoir poses that not only fit most body types, but clients continually pick these as their favorites. Without further delay– the is my list of the top 5 sexy poses for 2019 to rock your boudoir album.

5. The “A.A.H.D.”

AAHD boudoir pose
The "A.A.H.D." Boudoir Pose

The “A.A.H.D.” maybe more explicitly known as, "Ass Up Head Down" is another photography pose that is really growing as my clients see more and more of it in my sample albums. There's no denying the sexiness of this pose-- it's super sultry and suggestive. The one caveat here is this is definitely a pose that is not suitable for everyone and every body type, however, it was added here due to the high number of requests and it's popularity. Got a great booty? This is the pose for you! A requirements for success here are a bit of a limber body, and how do I put this succinctly-- a certain natural acting ability to assume the position! Some women just have what it takes. This is the payoff for those who have been putting in some solid time at the gym, or a bit of yoga work. Variations include bringing an arm in front of the body, and turning the head to the side/looking back.

How your photographer will screw this up: The ways are numerous. This is a difficult pose to capture correctly. Improper body position. Client's face is not relaxed and comfortable. Client not wearing the best undies for this type of shot (-works best with thongs.) Depth of field issues. This is one that is rather challenging to get correct-- with the right blend of "suggestiveness" - without going too far.

4. The “Booty Pop"

booty pop boudoir pose
The "Booty Pop"

The “Booty Pop” is a newer shot that I have developed (invented?), which looks great, and is suitable for most body types, and has been a big hit finding its way into many albums. This shot has a low difficulty, and clients love it! I tend to shoot this shot in jeans, but there are other options. This pose is suitable for most people, and the higher you can push the tush... the better it looks! It's all about the curves here, ladies. Variations include several different hand positions but overall this shot is simple and fairly straight forward... so bombs away!

How your photographer will screw this up: Errant guidance on your posture. This pose is 100% about getting that booty-to-lower-back curve correct. Poor framing will kill this. Improper depth of field.

3. The “Peekaboo”