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Top "Must Do" Boudoir Photography Poses For 2022.

Updated: 5 days ago

boudoir shot of a woman in black lingerie laying back on a bed

New year, new you! 🎉 Have you been planning a boudoir session for the 2022 season and searching for the top boudoir shoot posing ideas? You've come to the right place. Boudoir photography is a great gift for a wedding, anniversary... or just because! Every year more and more women take part-- and have a great time in the process.

The key to a successful boudoir photography session is, of course, finding a top notch boudoir photographer. This is not the time to skimp. The hard reality is that a highly skilled boudoir photographer is integral to beautiful results. What's the catch? Well, good photographers aren't going to be cheap-- and more often than not when it comes to photographers-- cheap photographers aren't good.

Look at it this way-- will you be serving your wedding guests Taco Bell? Why not? It's the cheapest? You can get an entire meal for $2.49. How can that be beat? Doesn't that make it the best (and only) choice? How can any other restaurant even stay in business? Why would anyone ever choose anything different?? They'd be wasting money! --Well, of course, we know this isn't how it works. Your wedding isn't about finding the cheapest food available. It's a special occasion! It's about the experience and enjoying a great dinner with family and friends. --So maybe the "cheapest" isn't always the best choice in all instances.

The same is true about your boudoir session. It isn't about finding the cheapest photographer out there. It's a special occasion, just like your wedding, and should be handled as such. Your photos will be something that is treasured for years. An expert boudoir photographer will be skilled in creating dramatic and beautiful boudoir poses that will make you look your best.

Once you're in the hands of a competent photographer, the rest is easy.

So, what kind of boudoir photo poses are women doing in 2022? Cute ones! Women want to look beautiful, and do poses that make them feel great about themselves. Let's take a look at some of my fun "Must-D0" boudoir poses for 2022.

Boudoir Pose 1: Stretch It Out...

boudoir pose of woman laying in bed in black bra and jeans

Stretching your arms out over your head can be just dramatic enough to make for a sultry boudoir pose. This simple idea is easy and looks great.

Boudoir Pose 2: Classic Fishnet and Heels Booty Pop

boudoir pose of woman in fishets and high heels with her booty pushed up

This is an easy pose to do... just push up on the booty and let the magic happen. A pure classic and one of the best boudoir photo ideas for your shoot.

Boudoir Pose 3: Over The Shoulder Engagement Ring Pose

beautiful boudoir pose including an engagement ring

Simple. Pretty. And a great pose for every bridal boudoir album. A great shot of the engagement ring 💍 is a must. I think since I've started doing this shot... all of my future brides have asked for it! Be sure to get this one during your boudoir shoot.

Boudoir Pose 3: Classic Bed Slide Pose

boudoir pose of woman sliding off bed

Simply slide down over the edge of the bed and be dramatic. A simple, dramatic, and pretty boudoir photography idea.

Boudoir Pose 4: Peek-A-Boo

boudoir pose of woman lifting up her undies

Stockings are garters are popular session attire. Pulling up on the undies is just one of a hundred dramatic poses that can be done here that is sexy without being overly revealing.

Boudoir Pose 5: Laydown Side Shots

casual boudoir pose of a woman in a white t shirt

I love these shots from the side. They've been a long time client favorite to add to a boudoir album. This pose can be done with jean, like in the above example, or just in your undies. This boudoir photo has tons of variations, so you can experiment till you get the one you love best.

Boudoir Pose 6: Bed Kneel Pose