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Sexiest Must-Do Boudoir Poses of 2020

Updated: Apr 2

sexiest boudoir photography poses of 2020
Sexiest "Must Do" Boudoir Poses Of 2020

Greetings, and welcome to the next decade of boudoir! If boudoir is anything, it is forever changing. Poses ebb and flow in popularity, and every year seems to introduce something new!

Boudoir shots that used to be "edgy" have become more commonplace, and the boundaries keep being pushed further and further. It's a fun time to be a boudoir client! Although there are still many sessions that rely on simple pretty poses, there's a whole gang of women coming in who want to push the boundaries and inject a bit of sexuality into their sessions... and why not!

Boudoir is about having a bit of fun, and pairing up with a skilled boudoir photographer can help you feel and see yourself like never before. Imagine having an entire album of beautiful images of you, like the ones you see on this post.

There is no need to go into a boudoir session in a position where you feel you need to pose in a manner that is beyond your "comfort zone," but boudoir is about having a safe environment to express yourself without judgement or criticism.

There are many factors that go into making a boudoir album, and having great poses may just be the foundation to building an incredible collection. Boudoir poses run the range from being super simple, to a bit more complex. It's important to discuss with your photographer what poses will best fit your age and body style so that you look your best.

Below are some of what I feel will be the most popular boudoir poses for 2020. Looking for some fresh new poses for your upcoming session, take a peek below.

Let's jump in and look at some of the "Must-Do" boudoir poses of 2020.

The "Booty Pop"

The "Booty Pop" is a newer shot that I invented just a few years ago that looks great-- and if we aren't in the era of "booty-tastic"-- then where are we?! Everyone loves cute booty shots in their boudoir albums, and this one is no exception. This shot has a low level of client difficulty, and everyone loves it! I tend to do this shot in jeans, but there are plenty of other options. This pose is suitable for most, and the higher the booty pops...the better it looks! This pose is definitely all about the curves.

There are a few variations of this pose, and you can alter the hand position to be reaching back, but overall this is a simple and straight forward.

The "Hangover"

boudoir pose with woman laying over edge of bed

The "Hangover" is definitely under-done. I want to see more of this pose from everybody! This pose has been around since the beginning of boudoir, and for good reason. When done properly its super dramatic! --And everyone wants some drama in their session, right?

The Hangover is suitable for all body types and is very easy to do. Simply position yourself near the edge of a bed so that your head hangs just a bit over-- not too much though we dont want that floppy neck look. If you are looking straight into the camera've gone too far. Eyes rolling back over the top of your head isn't a cute look. 🙅‍♂️ Keep your shoulders and hips flat... and the rest is simple.

You can vary your arm and leg positions. Hands can be place on the head, toughing the chest, or legs.

The results are great. This pose is a bit of a change up for your album...because no other people really looks like this. It's one of my favorites.

The "Lockdown"

boudoir pose with womans hands in cuffs behind her back

Lock it up! Handcuffs and restraints have been a part of boudoir... well, as probably as long as boudoir has been around. Although slapping the cuffs on is not everyone's cup of tea, in our "edgier" boudoir times, it has become a fairly mainstream pose. The key here is to keep it fresh.

Put aside the old police-style handcuffs, and try something, well, cuter! You can find bejeweled and gold plaited restraints, that will make you saw "awww!"

Restraints can be used standing, laying down, or essentially in any boudoir position. Use your imagination. One of my recent faves is the behind the back shot, as pictured above. This pose has a very easy degree of difficulty and is suitable for anyone. Better yet, this particular pose is a bit of a two-fer -- cute handcuffs and booty shot in one!

Variations of this shot include doing this same pose, but kneeling with hand restrained behind your back. One our our favorite boudoir booty pics!

The "Buzzy"