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9 Stunning Bridal Boudoir Photography Ideas for the Ultimate Pre-Wedding Gift

Updated: Feb 12

Your wedding is special. A bridal boudoir session is a great gift idea. Combining the two can create a personal gift idea both you and your partner can treasure for years. --AND not to mention, it's a lot of fun!

As fun as a boudoir shoot can be, picking the right photographer is half the battle. Remember: Your wedding is special. Think about how much time and energy you invested in finding the perfect dress and venue for your wedding? You certainly didn't sit home and make those decisions by the "cheapest price," right? Well, using this same "wedding mindset" while searching for your photographer will keep you on the right path. Just like picking a restaurant-- cheaper isn't better.

Once you have booked a top professional, the fun can begin. Your boudoir photos will be something you'll enjoy for years. This isn't a time for skimping. Brides are always asking me about how many outfits to bring along. Well, in actuality, it's not about "how many." I'd rather have someone bring along one or two really nice outfits than five cheap Amazon lingerie purchases. Remember: Cheaper isn't better. You'll be viewing these photos for years. You wouldn't wear a $29.99 Amazon wedding dress to your ceremony, so don't plan on bringing a $7.99 cheap Amazon bodysuit to your boudoir shoot. Trust me, you'll regret it, and be stuck reliving it for years in your shots.

Now, the fun part. Everyone wants great poses in their album. As a bride you want to look elegant and beautiful. Brides rely on my to help make that happen-- and I love it. I enjoy helping every bride I work with create a unique and stunning portfolio of images for their bridal albums. I love including photos with bridal accessories, engagement rings, and beautiful lingerie to help women look their best.

Below are some of my favorite bridal boudoir poses. Each and any of the shots below would be a great pose for your album. Let's take a look...


Veils, lingerie & rings. All make for beautiful boudoir shots. A simple lingerie portrait. Wouldn't you love this shot in your bridal boudoir album? Boudoir isn't about fancy "gymnastic" style posing.


A bit more of a casual shot with a smiling bride and a beautiful engagement ring.


The classic "legs up" boudoir pose is always a bridal album favorite. Simple, elegant, and pretty. Another chance to get a shot of your ring in there...


Let's face it... stockings and garters may not be practical every-day wear, but they're right at home in a boudoir session. Countless stunning photos can be shot in this outfit. Here we're being extra dramatic by the window.


Beautiful shots don't need to be complicated. Boudoir is about a peek in on a women in her private moments. Simple and genuine.