A Valuable Pro Tip To Help You Find The Right NJ Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Apr 11

boudoir photo of woman in bed in white lingerie

Have you been searching for a NJ boudoir photographer? --Or have you been looking for some tips on how to find the right boudoir photographer for you? Perhaps this post can help! The search process may not be as easy as it may seem at first glance. Interestingly, many women start their search for a boudoir photographer by doing this one thing wrong... which can have a huge impact on your final results and experience. This post is going to take a look at this one big error many women make when shopping for their photographer.

Let's start with a simple mental exercise. Let's say your anniversary is approaching, and you've been planning on celebrating with a special night out. You've already purchased a new dress (which looks incredible on you!) and you've even made an appointment to get your hair touched up. Needless to say, you're excited about your big night, and when the time finally arrives, you get all dressed up and ready, get in the car, and head out for your special dinner to... Burger King?


Burger King? 🍔 Well, yeah! You did your homework, and compared prices of all the restaurants in your area and it turns out that you and your partner can get a full meal there, including a drink for about $3 each-- if you're really coy and take full advantage of their dollar menu. Well, that's some smart thinking lady, and by and large you've just "won" your anniversary dinner. Congratulations! Whoot!

Come to think of it, you're not even sure how any of these other restaurants even stay in business!! Some of these places may even charge $14... or even $22 for a meal... yikes! Don't these customers know they are getting ripped off? Why would anyone ever pay $55 for a dry-aged steak when they can get a burger for .99 cents and save themselves tons of money? Makes no sense to you! Oh well... their loss, right!

We know when it comes to restaurants they're all the same so choosing by lowest price is the smart move to get you the best dinner. How else would anyone shop for restaurants? Price is obviously the deciding factor in making the best choice. Isn't it?

...OK...OK let's get back to reality here. Let's face it, you're probably not heading out to Burger King for an anniversary celebration... in all actuality you're probably more likely to head to Ruth's Chris to get that $55 delicious dry-aged porterhouse to celebrate and have a great night with your partner, right? Why? How can this even be? Isn't this the opposite of what you've been taught your entire life? Isn't something with the cheapest price always the right choice?

What's the point of all this? Well, although it's true that Burger King may be the cheapest, as we can see from our example the "cheap" option isn't always the right option in every situation. Your anniversary dinner and Burger King don't seem to go hand in hand, do they? This can be confusing, right?

To illustrate using another quick example-- when you were booking your honeymoon trip you most likely scoured Aruba for the lowest price motel room you could find-- after all, a room with a bed in it is just a room with a bed...right? All hotels all the same, right?! A cheap fleabag motel with rooms that have ceramic tiled floors and a center drain in the room (so it can be hosed down after each guest) would certainly make for the ideal romantic getaway honeymoon!!

Get what I'm driving at here? Comparing the prices of a Ruth's Chris meal to a Burger King sandwich would be pretty silly-- and you would never do that. Operating with the mindset that all restaurants or all hotels are are somehow "equal" or "the same" would be a little odd, right? Wouldn't you agree? Also, you wouldn't approach any of these places and agree that the least expensive would be the "best." In actuality... it's quite the opposite, right! A bed bug ridden $39 motel is quite world's apart from a stay at the Ritz-Carlton.

What does this all have to do with selection a boudoir photographer? We'll, glad you asked! Because in all my years of operating my business, and as silly as those previous examples are... in many cases that's EXACTLY how women shop for boudoir photography!!!