30 Classy Boudoir Photography Ideas For An Amazing Photo Shoot

You did it! You finally pulled the trigger on scheduling your very first boudoir session, and the now your preparation is under way. It's exciting. It's fun. ...And you're going to have a great time (trust me!)

There is a little bit of work that comes along with getting ready for a boudoir session. Typically, the first thing women start working on is outfit selections. Although, the truth of the matter is most don't really consider that part "work." 😀. Many women have great lingerie collections right at home, and if you're not a lingerie person, shopping for a few new outfits is a fun thing to do! The options here are nearly endless-- from bra sets, to comfy jammies, to sexy lace and garter sets-- it's your time to dress up and release your inner vixen.

Another part of the pre-session prep is to gather some boudoir posing ideas. Although creating a collection of boudoir poses isn't required, it can be fun to do, and it also helps the photographer get an idea of what you may have in mind for the outcome of your session.

Every woman is unique, and as such, has a different vision for what from their session. With a little work, you can assemble a collection of a few favorite poses to help guide your boudoir shoot. --And don't be embarrassed to share your vision! Your boudoir photographer has seen it all-- and photographed half of it. 🤣🤣

I receive posing ideas from many of my clients, and for me, it's always fun to see what they have in mind. I love it. I have been photographing boudoir photography for years, and I'm always excited to help my clients create their ideal session, from demure to downright sexy. It's fun!

With this in mind, here are a few classy boudoir photography ideas to help you start your journey. Enjoy.

boudoir pose in stockings garters and heels

elegant photo of lace lingerie and garters for boudoir

boudoir pose in jeans and thong

boudoir photography pose under the sheets

beautiful blonde smiling boudoir pose

Heels Up boudoir pose in bed

boudoir pose with blonde in thigh high socks with a bedsheet

boudoir pose of a booty in a thong

boudoir pose of a woman in a sheer black robe

Legs Up boudoir pose in a bed

boudoir pose of beautiful blonde in stockings and garters from the back

boudoir pose of a woman laying in bed in fishnets and heels