Why New York City Women Love This Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

boudoir photo of beautiful blonde woman in black lingerie

I'm not your typical boudoir photographer-- and never have been. 😀. I work a bit differently than most. If you thought all boudoir photographers were the same, you'd be terribly wrong. So, why have New York women been booking with me up to a year ahead to reserve their session dates? Read on...

Hi. I'm Michael. Needless to say, I'm enthusiastic about my clients. I have been a boudoir photographer for years, and well, it's weird writing about yourself in this manner, but I guess you could say I operate one of those "fancy" boudoir studios. Although I'm not for everyone, my specialty is working with brides who are looking for something a bit more bespoke than your typical boudoir session. Every year I work with women who make the trip to my studio, and the result is not only an stunning wedding gift, but my clients walk away with an amazing experience and the heart filling joy each and every time they view their photos-- five years-- ten years into the future. It's a feeling that transcends words.

We all know boudoir photography is really a lot more than just a few cute photos. Not only is it a great wedding idea, it's possibly the most fun you can have making a gift for your future partner. So how does it all work? Simple. Typically, future brides wind up contacting me on either my Contact Page, or my Instagram to get the conversation started.

Usually, I like to have a quick Zoom, Google Meet, or call to find out a little bit about what you're looking for in your session-- and to make sure we're a good fit. I operate in a bit of a customer-first fashion. I'ts important for me to provide great customer service-- and I'm here to guide you through the process...from the start-- to picking out the best photos for your album. It's a lot of work! 😂.

Who is booking with me? Well, good question. I do anniversaries, birthdays and "Just Because, Damnits!", but brides are my main clients. Brides who are planning spectacular weddings and want the same from their photographer. Primarily these clients are New York professionals who value experiences, have their Starbucks (or Rook's) in hand, love having fun, and would be the type to head out to Nobu on a special occasion. Sound like you?

How far ahead should you be booking me? Well, because of the amount of time dedicated to each project, I make a limited number of spots available for each month. I don't overbook-- my sanity is at stake. If the current months spots are filled then people are bumped out to the next block of spots...and so on. What does that mean for you? If you are planning a session for your wedding, I'd reach out to me at a minimum of 2-3 months before your wedding. Earlier than that is better. There are times of the year, namely spring, and early fall that can be heavily sought after, and spots are often filled months ahead.

You know how wedding planning goes-- you probably picked your makeup artist and venue a year ahead of time... it's not uncommon brides are booking me a year out, as well.

Remember, too, after your session day is completed, it can take several weeks to get your selections edited, and previewed in your gallery. THEN, it can take a week or so (or longer based on your album provider) for your album to be bound, printed and shipped. It's a bit of a process... but so worth it. 😀

boudoir photo of brunette in black lingerie and stockings brushing her hair back

So what's is like? Well, if you don't like fun you've got the wrong photographer. Not only are we creating amazing photography, your session is a bit of a break from your every day grind. Whether you are looking for a bridal theme for your shoot, keeping it sexy with traditional in stocking and garters, or really looking to turn up the heat with some amazing Honey Birdette lingerie, we'll come up with a great plan for your session.

My building is a block from the terminus of the North Jersey Coast line. Many clients simply take the train right to my doorstep.