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Want To See The Perfect Cute Monmouth County Boudoir Photography Session?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The fun part about boudoir photography is how it can be so unique for every client. Want your session to be cute? Great. Want you session to be sultry? You can do it! Every year, women from Monmouth County come to me for amazing experiences and walk away with beautiful photography that they can, literally, enjoy for years to come. Curious? Take a look...

Super Cute Monmouth County NJ Boudoir Photography Session

Hi, I'm Michael. I am a luxury boudoir photographer that works with women from all around Monmouth County looking for the best in boudoir photography. I specialize in creating custom gift for brides who are looking for something better than your typical run-of-the-mill boudoir shoot.

Boudoir is a great gift idea, and although many of my clients are brides, boudoir is also a great anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift idea. I'm not your typical photographer. I'm a bit of a stickler for perfection, and creating amazing experiences for my clients.

One of the tough things for women on the hunt for a boudoir photographer is knowing how to pick! Before we get to the session photos I wanted to take a moment to answer a frequently asked question about boudoir shopping:

Q: Are there really any differences between boudoir photographers? And...what is the right way to shop? Help!

It's can be tough finding the right photographer. I get it. One of the biggest mistakes women make in the shopping process, however, is failing to really learn about the differences in boudoir photographers from the start. They know whey want boudoir-- They may look at two or three websites-- and then the lowest price wins. This is a major mistake in shopping strategy, and unfortunately can lead to a letdown as a result.

Women may spend more time reading reviews and researching a new body lotion on Amazon than investing their boudoir selection. *Sigh* The first thing, as a boudoir shopper you need to be aware of, is that there are tremendous differences between photographers.

Would you say going out to dinner at Taco Bell and to Larimar would be the same thing? How about a Louis Vuitton bag and a Target bag? Same? Or what about a Land Rover Velar SVAutobiography and a Ford Bronco? Same? They're both SUVs, but given the opportunity, which would you dream of owning? ...When you break it down, they are not quite the same thing. You want those cute photos... you've got to put some work into it.

boudoir photo of stunning brunette leaning up in a bed in a white shirt.

Here's the secret: To find your perfect photographer, you have to operate with the "special occasion" mindset-- and nothing less. Let's say it's your anniversary, and you and your partner are planning an evening out to celebrate. Most likely you are going to wear a beautiful dress, get your hair and makeup perfect and go out to celebrate your relationship. Which restaurant would you be most likely to choose for that occasion... Taco Bell or Larimar? Hmmm... the answer if fairly obvious in this situation, right? You understand the differences, and because this evening is about "the experience," and one selection is obvious.

Your boudoir shopping needs to follow that same mindset for success. It, like your anniversary, is a special occasion, and Taco Bell just won't do. Oh, it's a true fact it may be cheaper... but somehow I'm guessing that finding the "cheapest" option for your anniversary wasn't part of the discussion. Cheaper isn't always the best, or the winning option-- especially for an event like an anniversary or wedding. Hopefully, this little example gets you thinking...

You see, large companies can spend millions marketing to you and creating a story about how they are different, better, or more desirable. From these marketing efforts you may understand a Land Rover is a bit different than a Ford Bronco-- but with photographers this distinction may not be as evident. It can take more work on the client end.

Trust me-- Your boudoir session really is special occasion. Do it the right way! (And you will be rewarded.) I hear from clients who, even years after their sessions, still look at their albums and feel a heart warming experience of joy. Yes. It's this impactful.

One tip here: I understand everyone is working withing a budget, but many photographer will offer payment plans. So always ask.

It's so important to me to educate women about boudoir photography to help them make smart decisions so they get the experience they deserve. For more information about boudoir photography take a moment to creep around my website, Mike Cassidy Boudoir Photography. Want more shopping tips? Take a look here at my latest Tips To Help Win Your Bridal Boudoir Session - with great information for any shopper, and take a peek at cute boudoir galleries to see some recent photos.

There really is a difference! And now, here is a peek into a cute boudoir session. Enjoy the gallery below, and as always, if you have any questions about boudoir photography, send me a note.


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