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5 Quick Tips From A Boudoir Photographer To Help Win Your Bridal Boudoir Session

Updated: May 17

Boudoir photography is a great wedding gift. With so many things going on during the planning of your wedding, you don't want your bridal boudoir session to turn out to be one more planning headache. Ready for some great tips to help you soar through your boudoir session with nothing but smiles? Read on...

boudoir photo of beautiful brunette in lingerie standing by a window
5 Tips To Win Your Bridal Boudoir Session

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a fancy-schmancy boudoir photographer from New Jersey that specializes in working with brides to create amazing one-of-a-kind wedding gifts. It's my passion, and I still get super thrilled every time I get the opportunity to host a bride coming in to my building to help create her bridal boudoir album.

You see, although it may not be obvious there is a lot of hard work and time involved in what I do. It's not easy! In the end though, the beautiful results always make it worth while. Due to these efforts, and the fact that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I only work with a limited number of clients every month. That way, I can invest the time and attention that every client's session deserves. Are there shortcuts? Sure, but I've never been much on cutting corners, and I'm really not one for compromising. It's just the way I work.

I'm not your typical boudoir photographer. I strictly work with brides who value experiences and want the best. I'm enthusiastic about what I do, and I want my clients to feel the same. You may say I work a bit differently than most! The woman contacting me who don't indicate on my contact form they are "super-excited"...typically don't get a follow up from me. It's not that I want to be mean (I'm not! I'm pretty much the super opposite) but I know these woman most likely aren't my ideal clients. I'm not the right photographer for them. I've learned along the way that a good fit is important for great results.

Despite what you may think, finding a great boudoir photographer isn't easy. It takes work. My business is run in a very client-first way, but often, this is not the case with many photographers. You'll find photographers showing incomplete or confusing information on their websites. You may find strange pricing schemes or packages that bundle items you really don't need or want. It can be a headache sorting through it all and really creates a lot of uncertainty on your part.

I understand. I've heard it all-- really. After photographing hundreds of women, you may say I know a thing or two about a successful bridal boudoir session. 😀. Not to fear. You've come to the right place. Below are some quick tips to guide you through your bridal boudoir search so you can come out of your experience all smiles-- Ready to go?

1. Book Your Bridal Boudoir Early

boudoir photo of blonde woman in black stockings and garters

Sounds obvious, but for many brides boudoir may a last moment decision. Probably the number one mistake is the failure to book their session early. Boudoir photography is not a great last minute project. Often, during busy wedding seasons in spring and fall many photographers may already have full calendars, forcing women to perhaps second or third choice option for a photographer.

What's "early?" Well, remember, there are two times of the year that are busier for weddings-- spring and fall. If you are getting married during an off time of the year, it may not be as critical, but in spring and fall the earlier you can reserve a session date, the better.

In my particular case, my spring is booked out yearly and I'm often operating with a wait-list. I always feel bad getting an inquiry from a bride a month or so before her wedding date, and giving the bad news of a full schedule. Just like you may reserve your wedding venue a year or so in advance, it's not unusual for brides to reserve session dates a year in advance, as well.

In most cases, that much of a lead time isn't necessary. You may want to get your session date reserved 2-3 months before your wedding at a minimum. Remember, even after your boudoir shoot is completed, there can be several weeks of photo editing, and album printing & binding time. Planning your session early gets your boudoir session out of the way, and it's one less thing taking up the few spare minutes of free time in your busy day. Get your session booked early and think of it as a little "vacation" from your bridal grind. It's a day to relax and have fun.

2. Shop With Your "Wedding" Mindset

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You know how it took you months to settle on your wedding venue? You wanted it to be perfect. You spent weeks searching and visiting. You talked to friends. You read reviews. You tasted the food. Remember how much time it took? This needs to be the same approach you use to select your boudoir photographer. Nothing less.

You didn't merely start calling every wedding venue in the area and ask "How much to you charge?" and pick the cheapest option. Sadly, this is how many brides shop for boudoir. It may be their biggest mistake. Comparing pricing between photographers is a useless activity.

If you were shopping for a new home with your husband and a realtor told you she had two available and said, "I have one for $347,00 and one for $425,000 which one do you want?" Not knowing any details about the can you make a decision? Where are they? How many bedrooms? Is there a pool? Is it near the beach? Knowing a price with no context isn't enough information to make a smart decision. BUT-- this is exactly how you would shop for a photographer? See what I'm getting at?? (And if you think photographers and their products are all are sadly mistaken.)

Your wedding is an experience. It's a special occasion, and you treat it as such. You didn't really discuss the fact with your partner that Taco Bell is only $2.29/person while the wedding venue is $95/person-- so why wouldn't be we considering Taco Bell for our wedding dinner? It's cheaper! OMG!

That would be strange, right? On the surface that fact is true, but cheaper isn't always the best choice in every occasion. Your wedding gift (like your wedding) isn't really something that should be left to the lowest bidder. Let me break the news to you that this gift is something that will be part of the rest of your life. Don't go picking the "Taco Bell" of boudoir photographers-- I've talked to many brides who have gone this route and have lived with disappointment. Don't pick your boudoir photography by cheapest price.

When selecting your photographer use your "wedding" mindset. Ask questions. Get the details. You're only going to do boudoir once... make it worth it. (And don't cheap out... trust me.)

3. Tell "Cupcake Debbie" Thanks, But No Thanks.