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Peek In On A Stunning Middlesex County NJ Boudoir Photography Session.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Let's face it. A boudoir session is a great time, but there can be a bit more to finding a boudoir photographer than meets eye. Are you from Middlesex County NJ and looking to schedule a boudoir shoot for a wedding or anniversary gift? You may have landed on the right blog post! Not only is a boudoir session a fun break from your daily routine, it's something that you can enjoy for years afterward.

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a NJ boudoir photographer who has photographed hundreds of women over my career-- and I've seen (and heard) it all! What's the thing that women want most from their session? --Images that make them feel beautiful, and which can be enjoyed for years afterward. Of course! Seems simple enough, but, as mentioned earlier women seem to often make some missteps during their boudoir journey and can wind up with some experiences-- that, well, weren't quite what they were hoping for. Curious? I'll tell you a few important shopping tips, and share some beautiful session photos with you, too. Read on...

stunning boudoir photographer of a brunette in a sheer robe standing by a window

Huge Boudoir Shopping Mistake #1 - All Photographers Aren't Created Equal

This is a big one. For some reason women approach shopping for a boudoir photographer in quite a different light than they would approach shopping for other types of goods or services. How? Well, you'd never sit at home planning to go out for an anniversary dinner and think to yourself that all restaurants were the same. It would be fairly evident to you that this clearly was not the case, and you would expect quite a different dining experience from, say, The Frog And The Peach versus Taco Bell. Likewise, if you were looking for a new pair of shoes you'd understand that a Louboutin would be quite a different thing than a pair of Crocs. This is just common sense. In the universe of goods and services there are, and can be, big differences between Louboutins and Crocs-- even though they are both "shoes."

You get that! I'm not exactly giving you new information there BUT when it comes to women shopping for a boudoir photographer-- this concept seems to be as foreign Kazakhstan. Women fail to see and understand that boudoir photographers are just as different as those Crocs are from your favorite Italian red-bottomed shoes. Always remember: All boudoir photographers aren't created equal. How does this fit in? ...We'll get to that in a moment.

Huge Boudoir Shopping Mistake #2 - The Lowest Price Isn't Always The Best Choice

This is another huge one. And it's not entirely your fault-- you've been programmed to shop incorrectly your entire life. What's the first thing you do when walking down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store? You start checking out all the prices to see which one is the cheapest...then WINNER! Right? We'll, I can't tell you how wrong that strategy is while selecting a photographer (or any other number of goods/services.)

Let's look at it this way. Let's go back to the anniversary dinner example from the previous section. So, it's your anniversary. It's a fairy special occasion. It's a special day to celebrate your love and life with your partner. You've got a special dress. You've gone out to get your hair and makeup done. --All the while you have been looking forward to this very special dinner out. So, when the time comes, you jump in the hard and head to...Taco Bell. --Er, what? Well, you were shopping for restaurants to go out to dinner... You call each and every restaurant in the area and asked their prices, and Taco Bell was the cheapest... So it MUST be the winner, right? You can get a chalupa for $1.79 at Taco Bell... meanwhile The Frog And The Peach wanted to charge $48 a dinner! WHY WOULD ANYONE PAY $47 FOR A MEAL WHEN THEY COULD GET ONE FOR $1.79!!?? THAT'S CRAZY! THEY'LL BE OUT OF BUSINESS IN WEEKS. (Err, maybe not. I think they've been there and successful for over 20 years...)

So, what's going on here? Well, as shocking as it may be, the lowest priced item isn't always the best choice. Your anniversary is a special occasion. It's about the experience. It's about having a beautiful evening together. It's about taking a moment in your life to stop and enjoy. Make sense?

A boudoir session is a special occasion event... like an anniversary, or wedding. It's something that doesn't happen every day. Most women will come in for a boudoir session once-- that makes it fairly special. Boudoir is about taking a break from your daily routine. It's like a mini-vacation. Just like you wouldn't serve chalupas on your anniversary (or to your wedding guests) you don't want "chalupas" for your boudoir session. Do it right...

boudoir photo of a woman posing using her arms to cover her chest.

So, did any of that make sense? There's even quite a bit more to finding the right boudoir photographer, but I won't go into all the details here. For a few more shopping tips you can read the post 5 Quick Tips To Help Win Your Bridal Boudoir Session --It's well worth the few minutes to look through.

The short of it is, you're going to get what you pay for when it comes to boudoir photography in Middlesex County and the New Brunswick area.. Now ask yourself, are you a chalupa, or do you deserve better?

Women who want stunning photos need to start by finding an expert boudoir photographer-- and these are few and far between, despite what you may think, or what people may say.

When I started my boudoir photography business years ago, I only saw one way to do it-- the right way. It meant creating amazing photography, giving my clients a top notch experience, making the experience fun, and delivering the best quality products to make the entire experience unforgettable. I wasn't quite sure if anyone else would see things my way-- I wasn't much for cutting corners. To my surprise, and with a bit of education, the clients understood my vision and before long I had a waiting list of women who were looking to get into my building to create one of a kind wedding gifts.

Does this sound good to you? I love talking about boudoir, so if you'd like to learn more about working with me you can view my boudoir galleries, or send me a note with any questions you may have. I'd be happy to answer.

...And remember... stay away from the "chalupas." (You'll just get indigestion.)

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