Is It Common For Women To Share Boudoir Sessions?

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

women sharing a boudoir session

The simple answer is, yes! It is common for women to share boudoir sessions. Hi, my name is Michael, and I'm a boudoir photographer who has photographed hundreds of women throughout my career. In this brief post I'll go over several different situations where women share boudoir shoots together.

Boudoir and bringing a friend simply go hand in hand. This is not a new idea. From the beginning of boudoir photography women have always had the idea of bringing a friend along to their session. When I first started my career, this was typically one of the more popular questions I'd receive from clients.

Why does this happen? The reasons are multiple and range from simply a bit of needed moral support, to gathering your entire bridal party together for an afternoon long shindig.

Let's take a look at some of these examples below.

Moral Support

Sometimes women are a bit anxious about their sessions. It's not unusual. From the time I started shooting boudoir, I would get emails from my clients, "Is it OK if my friend Kelly comes along, I'm a bit nervous."

As a matter of fact, this is something I've always personally encouraged, and it is a part of my client onboarding materials. The simple fact is that most women have never taken part in a boudoir session before-- and taking their clothes off for photos isn't something they do every day.

It can definitely lead to some nerves beforehand. This is completely natural. The truth of the matter is, though, after getting to your session these nerves vanish, and a boudoir shoot really is a fun time.

Your friend, though, can be a great source of moral support. So bring her along! She can help you with outfits, and perhaps even hang around to sit with you while you're getting your photos done.

To Share A Session

Sharing a concurrent boudoir session with a friend is also another popular booking. Typically, it may go something along these lines. Katelynn will book a session, tell her friend Amanda, and Amanda will tell Katelynn "I've always wanted to do that too..." The end result is typically an email or call from Katelynn to the photographer asking if Amanda can come along, as well. "Absolutely!"

You won't find very many photographers turning this situation down. --And everyone benefits. First, it's fun sharing a boudoir session with a friend. Second, the photographer gets to kill two birds with one stone by hosting two sessions as once.

Coming to a boudoir session with your friend is kind of like the moral support example above, except both of you will be taking photos. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon. After getting hair and makeup done, the two women simply alternate turns taking photos, that way no one is sitting around for an hour being bored waiting for their chance.