5 Fun (and Simple) Boudoir Poses Every Woman Should Try...For Real!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

The fun part of the boudoir session is the posing. Even though there are only a few main ways to pose people: standing, laying down, kneeling & sitting-- from within that basic framework, there are lots of variations. By subtly positioning arms, legs, and hand differently within that core group of positions, a skilled boudoir photographer can literally create hundreds of different posing ideas!

One thing I make clear to my clients, is that no homework is necessary on their part. Sometimes, I'll get a message from one of my clients along the lines of "OMG! I have no idea of what to do... where do I even start?" Don't worry! Your photographer will have all this under control. You are going in to your session to have fun, not plan out a complicated series of poses-- your boudoir photographer will coach you through everything. Promise!

Sometimes, clients will be on Pinterest, or Instagram looking through boudoir poses, and come across something they really like. That's great-- but it shouldn't be a requirement. If you have been doing some homework, and have found a pose that caught your eye, share with with your photographer.

Aside from all that, boudoir has really evolved over the past few years, and almost anything goes. From demure to downright sexy & provocative-- I see it all every year. The truth of the matter is there is no one correct way to do a boudoir session. It's all fine. A lot of it boils down to customer preference and level of comfort.

If edgier posing is your thing , it may seem a bit awkward at first to discuss some of these posing ideas with your photographer. Trust me, experienced photographers have seen it all. It's your photographers job to build a rapport with you from the start, so clients will feel comfortable discussing any ideas they may have. Your session should be a judgement-free zone.

The best strategy is to check out the photographer's online galleries, and make certain you see photos in there are in line with what you may have in mind for your session.

Below, are a few fun and simple posing ideas you may consider for your upcoming boudoir session. So, without further delay, here we go...


Simple lay down poses are not only pretty, but they are easy to do. As you can see, boudoir isn't always about going "bare" or having little clothing on. Tank tops and jeans can make for super beautiful shots.


Elegant boudoir posing in fishnets and a pair of heels. Fishnets can really make a statement in your boudoir album. It's daring. It's fun. If this has you feeling a bit "exposed," you can wear undies under the fishnets.