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Wow. Have You Seen This Stunning NJ Boudoir Photography Session

Updated: Apr 5

Finding the perfect Central New Jersey boudoir photographer was difficult... until now.

Behind the scenes of a NJ boudoir photography session

Hi, I'm Michael. Your new photographer. I'm glad you found this post. Ready to take a look at an amazing boudoir session?

If you've found your way here, you've probably been searching around for a boudoir photographer in NJ. That's fine! I have some great photos to share with you-- but before we get started, I wanted to share a few brief tips with you about boudoir photography, and finding the right photographer.

A bit about me. I've been shooting boudoir photography for years, and have photographed hundreds of women. Boudoir is my thing. Throughout the course of my tenure as a photographer I've made sure that my mission is bigger than just photography. My mission has always been to keep my clients invested in themselves, and help them connect to their inner beauty.

While my clients receive an incredible experience, the real service I provide is the overwhelming joy and heart filling experience each and every time a client views their images...and I'm talking about five years, or ten years down the line. It truly is a feeling that transcends words. If you were wondering what separates me from the others... you can simply spend a few minutes on this post, or my website, and see the difference.

I thought I'd show you some photos from a recent photo session so you could see what it's all about. Educating people about making smart choices has always been a priority for me. I've personally heard of way too many missteps women have made with photographers. First, though, I wanted to share an important tip about choosing your photographer.

No Gas Station Sushi

boudoir photo of woman in fishnets and heels

I'll keep this brief! The first big mistake women make in choosing a photographer is treating their search for a photographer like grabbing a quick bite to eat on the way home from work rather than their anniversary dinner. What? You need to think of your boudoir session as more "special occasion" than "quick bite to eat." What does that mean? Look at this way... When you are making dinner plans for an anniversary dinner, and really want sushi, what is your planning process? Do you sit home and say to yourself, I'm going to pick up the pre-made sushi dinner at the local gas station convenience store--- because its just $4.99 for an entire sushi dinner!! Why the heck would I go to an actual sushi restaurant, like Nobu and spend more. I found it for $4.99! That price wins!!

Probably not. Right? For your anniversary dinner you're getting your hair and makeup perfect... you're going to wear an amazing dress...and you're going out to a nice restaurant like Nobu to have a great dinner to celebrate. It's a special occasion. Your paying more for the experience, and you're happy to do it.

If you take one thing away from this post... think of your boudoir session like that anniversary dinner (and leave the gas station sushi... far away.) It's a special occasion, and really needs to be treated as such. Treating it like gas station sushi, is really short sighted and will, more often than not, leave you with a bit of a bad taste...

I've witnessed it too many times.

Real Boudoir Is Shot In Beautiful Locations

New Jersey Boudoir Studio

Second quick tip... Boudoir photography, as it's name implies, is shot in a bedroom environment. --and nowhere else. Anything else isn't boudoir photography. I've seen this too many times, where photographers sell clients on a boudoir session...that isn't really even boudoir! Boudoir photography does not take place in a dark photo studio, or even worse, in a shopping mall. That certainly is not boudoir photography.

Don't be fooled. Lingerie is not the defining factor in boudoir photography. Look at it this way. If you stood in your backyard and took a photo in a bikini, that doesn't make it a beach photo, right? You need to be actually on a beach! A bikini isn't the defining element of a beach photo. Likewise, lingerie isn't the defining factor of boudoir. Taking a photo in lingerie in a dark studio with big flashy lights isn't boudoir at all! Don't be fooled!

Boudoir studios have beautiful natural lighting, and lots of bedroom settings. Curious what a real boudoir studio looks like? Take a peek at mine!

OK. Enough with the lessons... and on with the boudoir session. As you can see, though, it really is important to educate yourself about boudoir photography to make a smart choice...and get beautiful results.

Beautiful Boudoir Photography

I'm a sucker for a classic boudoir photography look. Stocking and garters are some of my favorites to photograph...and they are boudoir classics. Remember-- treat your boudoir session like a special event-- and that includes your outfits.

Below are some photos from a recent boudoir session. If you would like to know more about working with me, or have any questions regarding the boudoir process-- and even if I'm not your final choice-- I'm here to help, so please don't hesitate to send me a note. I'm happy to answer your questions.



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