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Why My NJ Brides Have The Best Boudoir Sessions!

Updated: Jun 2

It's no secret! We have a great time. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough-- your bridal boudoir session shouldn't be one more thing for you to stress out about. Ready for the best? Am I the right boudoir photographer for you? At this point, I don't know if I am... but let's take a look and see--

boudoir photo of beautiful bride in white lingerie

NJs Favorite Wedding Boudoir Photographer

Hi! I'm Michael. I'm a boudoir photographer who works with women from all around NJ, PA and NYC looking to create exceptional boudoir wedding gifts for their special day. Why do women come to me? Well, for one reason. They want to best. No joke! You see, I have a bit of a problem. I was never too fond of cutting corners. When I started photographing women years ago I had a vision of how I wanted it done-- and I wasn't really much for compromising.

I practiced for countless hours to become the best. I understood how much time I needed to invest in each session. I also understood the client costs of working in this manner... but I wanted every session to be a unique work of art. The question was... would women see the value in what I was producing? ...They did!

Before long my schedule started booking. I was working with brides from all around NJ who wanted great photography displayed in beautiful custom albums. The feedback was tremendous, and before long my schedule was filled.

boudoir photo of woman in black lingerie, stockings, and heels on a bed

Over the next few years I built this "cult" following of elite brides who wanted the best of boudoir wrapped up in fancy-schmancy hand made albums. The one downside was, as I mentioned before, all of this work takes time. I can only work with a limited number of clients per month, and my schedule would be filled sometimes months in advance.

The brides started showing up. I remember when women started coming to my building from New York City and I used to be left speechless that women would travel that far for me. I didn't know quite what to think! I was a bit amazed... Fast forward to today, and I'm working with New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts... as far south as Florida... and as far west as Minnesota. It's incredible!

One thing clients needs to be aware of is I work a bit differently than most. See, its not just about the photography. A boudoir session is an experience. Most sessions start with a consultation so I can get to know more about why a client is coming to see me. It's important to know we are a good fit- I'm not for everyone. Don't want to jump on a Zoom or Google Meet with me first? I'm probably not the one for you.

I'm enthusiastic about my work, and I want clients who feel the same. You see, boudoir is a bit of a special occasion, and worth doing properly. I always tell my brides they need to approach their boudoir session with the same "wedding mindset" they use for planning their weddings. Think of all the time and energy you put into planning your special day. You want everything to be perfect, right? You wouldn't go all out and then serve your wedding guests fast food at the reception. That wouldn't make much sense.

boudoir photo of beautiful brunette in black lingerie posing by a window

Likewise, your boudoir session is a "special occasion," as well. A boudoir session is like your wedding in that it is something that doesn't happen all the time... So, when doing it, do it right!

One thing many brides don't think about until we get in our client consultation is that your boudoir photo will be something to be enjoyed for years. Once the client understands this "special occasion" mentality they really view the event with a different light. They really start to understand the time and energy involved in producing a boudoir session, and the long term value suddenly becomes clear.

Don't come to me if you don't want to have fun! That's really Rule #1. Our day starts with a complete makeover. We review outfits. Come up with a plan for the day. Then we take our time and create some beautiful boudoir work. There's no rush. Your session day is a break from your every day routine, and a chance to relax and enjoy. So do it!

My brides are often reserving dates with me up to a year in advance. Does this sound good so far? Getting married soon? Better get in touch with me! Remember: It can take time for me to get you on my calendar, and from there, even after your session is completed it can take a few weeks for editing, review and printing and binding of your album. How far ahead should you be booking? Well, typically at a minimum 2-3 months ahead. So get moving! 😀

Is this all inexpensive? Hell no. In the world of boudoir photography you have to start thinking more Mercedes Benz than used Hyundai. Start thinking dining at Nobu versus Taco Bell drive through. Hey, nothing wrong with grabbing a quick chalupa on the way home from the office every now and again, but remember-- you wouldn't be getting all dressed up and dining out there to celebrate your anniversary... Don't fall for the trap! Stick with that "wedding mindset" and you will be rewarded with excellence, and an experience that you'll look back upon with a heart warming feeling each and every time you view your photo album... five years... ten years into the future.

Now, THAT is what makes my NJ brides have the best boudoir session around!

Curious and want to learn more? I'm excited to hear from you. Please reach out to me with any questions.

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