Why Elite NYC Brides Swear By This $2700 Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Well, to start by focusing strictly on the dollar amount is a bit unfair, and it's not really telling the entire story. It's a bit like saying, "Wow, can you believe people would buy this $97,000 car..." --The number seems a bit surprising at first, but when you find out the car is a custom Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography, that number no longer seems so surprising. The bottom line is, as with most things in life, context is everything.

High End Boudoir Photography For New York City Brides

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a boudoir photographer that works with many women from the New York City area who are looking to truly give a special bridal gift on their wedding day. If you have just started your search for a boudoir photographer you may be asking yourself-- Is there really a difference? The answer is, yes, there is. Let's take a look...

Boudoir photography has been my passion for years, and working with brides is my specialty. Today, I find my myself working with clients from all around the US who are looking to give the best in boudoir photography to their grooms-- and really don't want to settle. How did this all happen? How can it be that I can have a client wait-list for months? Well, I wish I could tell you this was the plan from the beginning...but it wasn't. 😀

Mike Cassidy Boudoir Photographer

As with most things, it all started pretty small. I happened to have a camera, and did a favor for a friend who wanted some photos for herself. She, in turn, showed them to a friend, who asked if I could do photo's of her for her boyfriends birthday... and so it went, and yadda, yadda, yadda, somehow we wound up here. Pretty amazing.

The truth is I just "yadda'd" over lots of dedicated hard work and countless hours spent focusing on becoming the strongest boudoir photographer around. It seems the winds of the universe just seemingly started blowing me in that direction. There was this relentless drive to keep getting better, and to be honest there's always a bit feeling it was never good enough. While most photographers would have been in bed sleeping, I could be found sitting up staring at photos at 1AM wondering how I could have made them better. There's a bit of irrational determination involved here... but maybe that's what it takes.

I realized long ago what I wanted my boudoir sessions to be, and I really didn't want to compromise. The number of hours invested in each client grew and grew-- but I was unwilling to change that. I knew, and wanted others to understand, boudoir photography was a lot more than just a bunch of photos. My mission was a lot bigger than photography, it really was about keeping my clients invested in themselves and connected to their beauty.

What did we wind up with? Well, we wound up with something pretty great.

boudoir photo of beautiful brunette woman in black lingerie with stockings standing by a window

It all typically starts with someone filling my Contact Form, or sending me a DM on Instagram. I'm not your typical photographer... but most people come to me understanding that-- and that's why there are here. You see, I am enthusiastic about my clients, and I only want clients who feel the same about working with me. We'll often have a bit of a chat to find out if we are a good fit, and what you are looking for in your session before proceeding any further.

One thing that boudoir shoppers need to always be aware of is the sheer volume of low quality photography out there-- and not only that, the number of photographers out there selling "boudoir" photography that, well...isn't actually boudoir photography.