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Why Cherry Hill NJ Women Love This Boudoir Photographer... For Real!

Updated: 4 days ago

dramatic boudoir photo of a woman in white lingerie in a bed
Amazing boudoir photography for Cherry Hill NJ women

Searching for a boudoir photographer can be work. Trust me! I understand! Women in the Cherry Hill, NJ area and surrounding Gloucester County have lots of choices when it comes to boudoir photographers.

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a NJ boudoir photographer that has photographed many women over the years. My clients come from not just the Cherry Hill area, but all around NJ, PA and NYC. Boudoir photography is a great gift idea-- whether it be for an anniversary gift, Christmas-- or even for yourself. My specialty, though, is working with brides. Getting married? You're in the right place! It's seem every year more and more brides are visiting me to creates beautiful gifts for their special day.

My client are those who are looking for something a bit better than your typical run-of-the-mill boudoir session. I've built a reputation over the years of working with brides who wanted the best for their wedding. Creating one-of-a-kind custom albums is my gig! I'm enthusiastic about my job, and I love having the opportunity to be part of so many weddings... if even in my own small way.

boudoir photo of a woman kneeling in bed showing her stockings and garters

Why are so many women choosing me? Well, long ago I learned that a boudoir session is a special occasion... think it of like your wedding! It's not every day that you have a gathering quite like your wedding-- but when you do, it was done right.

Likewise, your boudoir session needs to follow that same "wedding" mindset. It's not something that you do every day... so do it right! You probably didn't serve fast food on your wedding day... so why would you cheap out on your boudoir experience... you shouldn't. Your photos will be cherished for years.

I was never much on cutting corners, and from the start I knew the way I wanted to operate my boudoir business. Having professional makeovers for each client. Giving each and every person a custom experience and guiding them from beginning... to the final selection of their images. Using the best quality albums. I wasn't sure that clients would quite understand... but I was wrong. Now, I'm probably one of the most booked photographers in NJ!

boudoir photo of a woman laying in bed in lingerie grasping her panties

I put a lot of effort into each project, and as such, I only work with a limited amount of clients. Brides may be booking with me a year in advance to reserve their spots. My client are those who value experiences and really want to enjoy themselves during the boudoir process.

The result? Well, long ago I learned that what I was doing was a lot more than just taking photos. The real service I provide is the overwhelming joy and hear filling experience each and every time a client views her photos-- five years, ten years into the future. It's a feeling that transcends words. If you are wondering why you should choose me as your photographer, spend a few minutes on my website!

If you'd like to know more, or request a consultation with me, you can head over to my Contact page. I'd love to hear from you.

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