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Want To See A Fun NJ Anniversary Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Updated: May 6

boudoir photo of woman's engagement ring laying in bed
New Jersey Anniversary Boudoir Session

One of my favorite things is when I receive a new inquiry for a photo session and see a note that the prospective client is coming in for an anniversary gift. I know one thing is in store... fun. Creating a boudoir album for an anniversary gift is not only an incredibly personal and unique gift's also rollicking good time. (Did I just use the word rollicking? 🤣)

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a boudoir photographer from New Jersey who has photographed hundreds of women during my career. Boudoir is my thing.

Why pick boudoir for an anniversary gift? Well, for a few reasons. It's intimate. It's personal. As I mentioned earlier, it really is a lot of fun to do-- but there is even more... Even though the session is in part a gift, a boudoir sessions has this knack to really make you feel great about yourself. It's a boost!

What's it like? Well, most of my clients start by reaching out to me via my website, text, or my Instagram page. We start by having a brief consultation so I can hear a bit about you, and what your expectations are for your session. Additionally, I talk a bit about how I work, and answer any questions you may have about boudoir photography, in general. It's all about making sure we're a good fit.

As far as timing goes, I generally like to get people in about two months before the anniversary date. One thing that may not be so evident is the amount of time needed to produce an amazing boudoir session. It make take a client a few weeks to get ready-- make outfit purchases, schedule time off from work, etc. Not only that, after your session it can take a bit of time to get things ready to go. Depending on my work load, it may take a few weeks to edit and prepare all the photos from your session. Additionally, once all the favorites are selected for your album, the process of binding and printing takes time, as well.

What goes on in one of these boudoir sessions? Well, the great thing about boudoir photography is that every session is unique to each client. From casual sessions in comfy undies and t-shirts, to sessions with classic stocking and garter outfits, to those sessions that are a bit more spicy with handcuffs or restraints-- they are all part of the boudoir universe and it really comes down to what fits your personality and comfort level.

boudoir photo of red headed woman laying in bed in lingerie and boots
Ready to turn up the heat in your boudoir session?

I shoot real boudoir photography. One thing many women are not aware of is that there are photographers out there advertising boudoir sessions... which aren't boudoir! How's that? Well, in part, they take advantage of client's not really knowing or understanding what boudoir photography really is. I like to explain it this way... If you stood in your driveway and took a photo of yourself in a bikini, is that a beach photo? Of course not. You'd be missing the most important part...the beach.

Likewise, taking a photo in your undies is not boudoir. Boudoir photography takes place in a bedroom setting...and nowhere else. There are photographers that take advantage of people's lack of knowledge and bring clients in to a dark photo studio with lots of flashy lights and sell that as "boudoir," which it certainly isn't... despite what you may told (or sold!) Be aware!

My sessions take place in my bright building with lots of bedrooms-- the perfect place for real boudoir. We start with hair and makeup, then have a review of your outfits to come up with the perfect plan for your session--it's all personalized! Your boudoir session is a bit of a break from your daily there is no rush! We're there to have a good time and have fun doing your session.

In the end, of course, it's all about taking great photos and a great result. My clients do receive an incredible experience, but the real service I provide is providing the overwhelming joy and a heart filling experience each and every time your view your photos-- five years, ten years into the future. It's a feeling that transcends words. That's the real service I provide. It's a mission bigger than photography... it's about keeping you invested in yourself and connecting you to your beauty (but you don't have to tell your husband that 😂😂.)

Below, you can peek in on some fun samples from an anniversary photo shoot. Curious? I'd love to be your photographer. If you'd like to know more about working with me for your New Jersey anniversary boudoir session, please send me a note from my Contact Page. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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