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Top NJ Luxury Boudoir Photographer Answers Your Boudoir Questions

Updated: May 17

Mike Cassidy

So, you've been thinking about a boudoir session for a while now. What's holding you back? Not only is a boudoir sessions a great time, it's an experience that will reward you with feelings of joy for years as you enjoy your photos.

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a boudoir photographer from NJ that works with brides from Bergen County to Hoboken down to Monmouth County looking to create amazing gifts for their special day. Boudoir just isn't for brides, however. It's a great treat for an anniversary, Christmas....or maybe the best reason...just because.

Finding the right boudoir photographer can take some work, however. It can be a bit like finding your perfect wedding venue... It can take some searching! Armed with the right knowledge, and a bit of clever shopping, you can make the smart decision when selecting your photographer and get the results you deserve.

Every year I answer lots of questions about boudoir photography, and below are a few popular of the most popular. Have a question for me? Send me a note on my Contact Page. I'm happy to help.


woman laying in bed in black lingerie doing a boudoir photography pose

Do guys really like boudoir photography?

In all honesty, yes. I continually hear positive feedback from brides of how much their husbands loved their gift. Giving a boudoir album as a wedding gift is something beautiful that will be treasured for years.

I even have first-hand proof! I was once at a wedding myself, and a woman approached me "Hey, Mike!" I didn't recognize her at first (her hair was a different color) but it was a previous client. We chatted for a few moments and she said, "My husband is here, he'd love to meet you." Eeek! Should I run? Duck? I spoke to the husband for a minute or two and he genuinely expressed how much he loved the gift and how special it was not just to him, but to both of then. What a nice sentiment.

The little secret of boudoir, of course, is that what typically starts as a gift for a husband, ends up being the ultimate gift for you!

boudoir photo of a woman laying in bed in lingerie

I really, really, would love to do a boudoir session, but it's all so expensive. Why?

This is a really good question, and I'll do the best I can with the answer. Boudoir is a great experience for women, and it's really difficult to explain the feeling until you've experienced it yourself. It's invigorating, and one of those experiences that will make you feel so glad you did it. On another level... it really is just a lot of fun.

Why is boudoir photography so expensive? Well, first, you have to understand boudoir is a bit of an indulgence. It's a special occasion, much like a wedding. When you were planning your wedding what was your process? You wanted it to be special. You wanted it to be memorable. Everyone has a budget, of course, but odds are for your wedding you weren't searching Amazon for the cheapest wedding dress you could find. You didn't find a $28 wedding dress and exclaim "Winner! $28!" and go walking down the aisle in a wonky strange dress...solely because of the price. Odds are, your wedding dress was expensive -- but why? Additionally, your wedding venue was also likely "expensive"-- but why? Because these things made your day special and in your mind you imaged what your wedding day would be like, and these items were necessary to complete that ideal. There are certain situations in life where the lowest bidder isn't always the best choice. It's not every day you go and pay $95/per person and buy meals for 200 of your closest friends... but having your friends and family together to celebrate a special occasion is well worth it. Boudoir has to be thought of in that "wedding mindset."

Boudoir is about the experience, as well. It is expensive if you look at it in isolation, but it's not any different than any of the examples above. I love fancy restaurants, but I don't go out and eat at Nobu every day. For a special occasion, such as an anniversary, it's a great place to celebrate and enjoy the occasion. Get it?

Aside from that, there are lots of costs involved in running a boudoir business... just like any other enterprise. There are expenses like rent, utilities, insurance. In addition many photographers will have makeup artists on site, or assistants to help with the session. Not only that. You are paying for a beautiful result, which is really a personalized work of art created just for you! This creation takes many hours of time, the unique talents of the photographer, and experience.

The best thing is the factor in the cost of your session as part of your wedding planning. Some photographers will also have payments available to make the purchase more manageable.

boudoir photo of a woman laying in bed in jeans and underwear

Honestly, if I can find a boudoir session for $300 why would I pay three, four, or five times that for the same thing?

I get it. Odds are, it's not the same thing. At this point I can't say paying more may necessarily be the right thing for you, though. I'd need more information. There is a difference, however, and I'll explain. This may not be an apples for apples comparison, but it may help. Remember your wedding we were talki