Sexiest Props For Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Warning: This post is about boudoir props of an erotic nature.

Well, that title is an attention grabber! Have you been looking for some boudoir prop ideas for your upcoming session? Great! Boudoir poses and props certainly do go hand and hand. I've photographed tons of boudoir sessions over the years, and I've seen just about everything you could imagine someone would bring in to a session...and then some!

I definitely have fun during my sessions. The exciting part of being a boudoir photographer is you never really know what direction a boudoir photo shoot is going to go! Even though most clients will discuss their plans with me, occasionally clients have a certain idea in mind, and don't bring it up until session day. It's not unusual at this point to receive requests to shoot with certain props the client has brought along... but maybe were a bit hesitant to ask about at first.

Props aren't necessary for a successful session, but they can add a bit of fun. A boudoir photo shoot can go from start to end with only a few bra and undie sets-- without any props, and turn out super cute. I don't keep statistics, but I'd have to say clients are bringing in more and more items to include in their photos. Props, when used properly, will notch up the impact of a photo. What are some common props?

When you think boudoir props you may think along the lines of your husband's favorite sports jersey or even his necktie-- and you wouldn't be wrong. There is a new sexier breed of boudoir out there today and woman have been notching up their prop game filling their albums with amazingly sexy boudoir poses. It's been a fun past few years!

I understand these sexy props aren't for everyone, but there certainly is an increase in these items popping up an sessions, and why not? They're cute fun.

Here are some of the sexy props which have been walking through the doors lately and windup up in albums.


boudoir with wrist restraints

I see more styles of rope restraints and wrist & ankle restraints being brought into sessions over the past few years. So much so, that they've moved a bit more into the mainstream of props. Tying people up has become, umm, a bit normal. Restraints definitely add a bit of spice to your session, and are great fun. Tying up wrists behind the back adds a bit of tantalizing fun to your session. Have you been thinking about this idea? You wouldn't be alone.

Lately, I even have couples bringing in complete sets of bed restraints-- the kind that attach to all fours posts of the bed. Restraining your partner definitely leads to to couples shots on the wild side. Great fun.

Sexy Heels

Kick your heels in the air, and wave them like you just don't care. Your shoes may not wind up in every shot, but they definitely add a sexy edge to certain poses. Cute shoes certainly send a message and are a "must bring" to every boudoir session.

Shoes have been a boudoir staple for years-- and they are still going strong. These too, have been notched up by clients a bit over the past few years. Heels are great for all poses: laying, standing and sitting. Many clients now want the sexy red bottoms of their heels to make an appearance in their albums, as well.

This is a "must bring" accessory for your session.