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See Why Red Bank NJ Women Choose This Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Apr 4

boudoir photo of woman laying in bed in stockings and garters pulling up on her panties
Luxury Boudoir Photography For Monmouth County & the Red Bank, NJ area.

Monmouth County women are a demanding bunch-- and they should be! I've worked with many women from Red Bank and surrounding areas to help them create incredible wedding boudoir photography gifts. It's a thing. Want to know more? Read on...

I have an incredible job. It sounds a bit strange to say, but there are only a handful of people in the world shooting boudoir photography at this level-- and I take that responsibility seriously. Like the chef of a five star restaurant, I'm a bit fanatical about about how my business runs... and I'm driven to operate at the highest levels.

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a NJ boudoir photographer that has been working with women for years who are, well, looking for something a bit better than your traditional boudoir session.

If you've just started the search for your photographer, you may be asking yourself-- Is there really a difference? As you'll discover in your research the answer is, yes. Whether a client books with me, or not, it's always been my goal to educate women about boudoir photography to help them make a smart choice for them. (There are dozens of posts in my blog about shopping for photographers... and what to look out for.) I've heard too many stories about disappointment in my career, and I want everyone to have a positive experience and receive beautiful photography.

Boudoir photography is a great time. Whether clients come in because of the empowering nature of a session, or simply for a fabulous gift, they walk out the door after their session is completed with that "walking on air" feeling.

Somehow, along the path of my career my specialty became the bridal boudoir sessions. I have clients that come in for anniversaries, "just because," or other special occasions, but brides are the focus of my business. I love it. I have women that literally come in from across the country to work with me. My brain still has a tough time understanding that, but I'm always honored to be chosen, and to be a (small) part of a couples wedding.

stunning boudoir photo of blond woman from behind in stockings holding her garter belt

When I'm asked about tips for shopping for a boudoir photographer, I always tell people, you need to treat shopping for a boudoir photographer with the same mindset you used to pick out your wedding venue. Your wedding is a special occasion. It's a celebration. Your wedding day has a much higher value than just sum of all the parts. It's not so easy to put a price tag on the value of time spent with family and friends celebrating and being together-- and it certainly isn't an occasion that is doled out to the lowest bidder.

Women need to view boudoir photography as an experience-- and that's the way I operate my sessions. It's a luxury, not a commodity. It's a bit of a break from your every day life. It's about a bit of pampering. Getting hair and makeup done. Taking some beautiful photos. It's simply fun.

I work a bit differently, than most. I only take a limited number of clients each month, and during certain times of the year I can be booked several months out. I could do more... but I choose not to. I want my clients to receive the best. I understand the amount of time needed for each project to keep the standards I want... and I'm not really willing to compromise.

Another top question I receive is about how far ahead of the wedding should you schedule your bridal boudoir? The answer is at least 2-3 months before your gift is needed in-hand. It's a bit of a process. It can take a few weeks after your session till your photos are ready, and still even a bit more time for your album to be printed, bound, and shipped. It's not unusual for me to be booking brides up to a year in advance of their weddings to hold dates-- especially in busy times like the spring.

Who are my clients? My clients are those who enjoy experiences, and are typically in the process of organizing amazing weddings-- and want high end photography to match. Simply put, these are women that want the best and are willing to pay for it.

So how much does all this cost? Well, it can vary-- but remember that five-star restaurant reference I made earlier in the post? My services come at a five star boudoir price. 😂. It is what it is, and somehow my business wound up going in that direction.

The truth is I am enthusiastic about my clients, and I hope that shows in my work. I want my clients to have that same enthusiasm, as well.

If you are in the process of searching for a boudoir photographer in the Red Bank, NJ area and would like to know more, send me a note. While you're here, you can stop by and visit my boudoir galleries -- and see what you think!

I understand that these sessions are secrets, and it's not always so easy for people to chat. To get the conversation started, head over to my Contact Page.

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