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See Why Brides Will Wait Up To A Year For This NJ Boudoir Photographer

boudoir photo of a woman laying in bed in fishnet stockings and high heels
NJ Bridal Boudoir Photography

"There is a difference," states Mike Cassidy, a New Jersey Boudoir photographer. "You may not dine out and eat filet mignon every day, but when it's a special occasion and you want a great steak, that's what you order." We all know filet mignon is going to cost more than a typical burger at a local fast food restaurant-- does that apply in this case, as well with boudoir, "by all means, it does."

Boudoir photography has grown in popularity as a wedding gift idea over the past several years. --And why not!! Giving a boudoir album as a wedding gift is a completely personal and intimate gift. It's a lot more than just a couple of pictures-- boudoir photographers are great at turning it into an experience. Each year, more and more brides are reaching out to boudoir photographers for to create these personal wedding albums.

But-- are all these boudoir photographers created equal? Turns out, they are not.

Mike Cassidy
Luxury Boudoir Photography Mike Cassidy

"As with many types of goods, such as automobiles for example, they come in different price points and levels of amenities for different needs and budgets. Photography works in the same fashion." People may not immediately think of something like "luxury photography" is a thing, but indeed it is. "Absolutely. This concept applies to photographers, as well," states Cassidy.

Boudoir photography has come a long way. At one time, it was something almost scandalous-- you dare not tell the neighbors. Photos of a woman in a bra?? Scandalous! Times have changed, however. Boudoir photography has gone more mainstream, and all types of women are heading in to boudoir studios to take part in a boudoir shoot-- for various reasons. "Weddings are still probably the main reason, but there are plenty of anniversaries...Christmas is big... And women are also doing it for themselves, as well."

"It's an experience. It's a break from an every day routine where clients get pampered, get a makeover, and have a great time for a few hours, then leave like they are walking on air..."

How does it all come together? "Typically, I will receive inquiries from my Contact Page on my website, or occasionally via Instagram." It all starts with a consultation to see if everyone is a good fit. "I am enthusiastic about my clients... and I want to be sure they share the same enthusiasm about their session." How far ahead will women book? "I can hear from brides a year ahead of their wedding dates. Wedding planning tends to start early, and planning a boudoir session no exception."

"Because my work is so specialized, I tend to work with a limited number of people, and the spots tend to fill up." People tend to underestimate the amount of time and skill it takes to produce a beautiful bridal boudoir session. "Hours...hours and hours."

boudoir pose of woman in lingerie laying in bed displaying engagement ring
New Jersey Boudoir Photography

Being a boudoir photographer seems like it would be a fun job, but the work is very demanding and specialized. "It is difficult," states Cassidy. "You have to be part technical wizard, part gracious host, and at the same time be a calming force while maneuvering clients through lots poses and making sure they have a great time."

What the best part about what you do? "While my clients receive an incredible experience and beautiful work, the real service I strive to provide is overwhelming joy and a heart filling experience each and every time you view your images-- five years, ten years into the future.  It's a feeling that transcends words." The boudoir experience goes way beyond the few hours spent working together with a client. When woman leave, they are literally walking on air-- it's just a great time.

What's the worst part about doing what you do? "Well, there is so much positive, but probably the worst part is not being able to accommodate everyone who would really like the experience."

boudoir photo of beautiful smiling bride in lingerie
New Jersey Bridal Boudoir

What defines a luxury boudoir photographer? Several things. Think of it maybe a bit like Hilton vs Holiday Inn Express. These organization are both providing accommodations, and serving very different markets and needs. A Hilton Hotel may give guests a different level of service and luxury over a Holiday Inn Express, it all comes down to the little details. When you're traveling-- perhaps you are on special vacation, you're in the mode for a bit of pampering, a nice breakfast and fresh cinnamon rolls, a beautiful pool to relax at-- and you're willing to pay more for those experiences.

"From the hair & makeover, to the coaching during the session, to the follow up and gallery comes down to a level of service. My clients are women who value these experiences, and love having fun."