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Pure Fire 🔥: Check Out This Monmouth County NJ Boudoir Session In Sheer Lingerie

Updated: Jan 29

Boudoir photography is about creating beauty. Half the fun of a boudoir session is the dress up. Boudoir outfits can run from traditional lingerie looks, such as stockings and garters, to edgy leather outfits, and everything in between. One boudoir staple has always been sheer lingerie. Not only is sheer lingerie pretty, but it can also be super seductive.

Sheer lingerie gives you the chance to turn up the heat and let things sizzle a bit.

Have you been thinking about taking part in a boudoir session? Finding a top notch boudoir photographer in New Jersey is the key to helping you look your best. The surprising thing is that most women don't always know how to shop for a boudoir photographer to get these incredible results!

Women errantly think that contacting several local photographers and then picking the one with the lowest price will assure them a great deal-- AND get them stunning photos... like the ones you see in this post. ...Things don't tend to work out in that manner, however. Shopping for a boudoir photographer requires a bit of mental reprogramming to get away from your ingrained "must find the cheapest price" shopping philosophy.

Think of finding a photographer, say, the way you would shop for a parachute if you knew you would be jumping out of a plane and your life depended on it. Do you think in this scenario you'd be lining up options and be picking the one that was way cheaper Chinese made option... simply because it had the lowest price? Or, do you think the cheapest price may not be the determining factor in this "your life depends on it" type scenario?

Well, although picking a photographer may not be a "your life depends on it" type of a situation, the point remains valid. Lowest price is not always the best criteria for picking a winner in every situation. Do you go to Taco Bell to celebrate your anniversary? ...Probably not. --But why not?? It's the cheapest!

The point being, choosing by lowest price is not the best shopping philosophy. If you are using this system to pick a boudoir photographer, expect disappointment.

If you want amazing looking photos like these, there is only one way to get them. Find a super experienced boudoir photographer in your area. Of course, if you are in the Monmouth County, NJ area... you've got me! 😄

Once you have your top notch boudoir photographer, then the fun can begin!

...Anyway, back to our boudoir session! Although it may not be for everyone, sheer lingerie is always a great item for a boudoir session. Paired with a robe, or even a long sweater (like in this session) and you've got instant cute results.

Let's take a look at these sultry boudoir photos:

Which one is your favorite!

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