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Peek In On An Adorable New Jersey Boudoir Shoot

Updated: May 22

casual boudoir photo of woman in bed
New Jersey Casual Boudoir Session

Hi! Want to take a peek at a cute boudoir session I recently did? Sure. Come on in...

The great thing about each New Jersey boudoir session I photograph is that every shoot is unique. From sultry, to cute, to down right steamy-- they all have a place in boudoir photography. Turns out, everyone has a unique idea of what they would like their session to be-- and that's alright! There is no one right way to style your boudoir session.

I'm not your typical photographer. I am enthusiastic about my clients and creating amazing experiences for them. My clients walk away with beautiful photography, but the real service I provide is the overwhelming joy and heart filling experience each and every time my clients view their photo albums--- five years, ten year down the line. It really is a feeling that transcends words. If you're wondering why you should choose me as your photographer... spend a few minutes on my website. There's tons of educational information (and cute photos) to browse so you can become completely educated about boudoir to help you make the right (and smart! 😀) choice.

One of the things that every woman has to be aware of when shopping for photographers is that all photographers are not created equal. Think of it a bit like restaurants... Just because someone decides to open a restaurant doesn't mean they are producing high quality meals (...have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares 😬?)

I'm not for everyone!

I'm not for everyone! Sounds strange to say, but it's the truth. It all starts with understanding boudoir photography. Boudoir photography is an indulgence. Boudoir photography is like going out for a special occasion-- like fifth anniversary! Or-- like picking a venue for your wedding. You want it to be perfect! Odds are, in both of these situations you wouldn't choose McDonald's, or Taco Bell for those events.

Hey, I love fast food, and there's nothing wrong with picking up a chicken sandwich on the way home from work when you're looking for a quick bite to eat, but you probably wouldn't be serving your wedding guests a Chalupa, and you'd probably be pretty upset with your husband/boyfriend if he took you McDonald's to celebrate five wonderful loving years together with some McNuggets. Get where I'm going?

The biggest mistake that women make shopping for their photographer is treating it like a drive through visit on the way home from work for that Chalupa value meal. The boudoir experience should be anything BUT that--

Why are brides reserving session dates with me a year in advance? Beautiful photos are definitely a part of it, but my clients are also here for the experience. ...And boudoir photography is an experience. From picking the wardrobe, to getting your hair and makeup professionally done-- we're here to make lasting memories. Not only that-- coming in to see me is probably the most fun you can have making a gift (not that boudoir is only for gifts!)

professional makeup at a boudoir photography session
Despite me acting like a bit of a doofus, Gina is hard at work preparing our client for her session.

My clients are those that value that special night out. That value unique experiences. That want that amazing wedding venue. That are looking for something better.

These are my people! I want my clients to be as enthusiastic about working with me, as I am about working with them. How does it all start? Well, usually through reading one of my blog posts (like this!) and afterward taking the step to reach out to me. Want to know about booking a date? I'm happy to discuss your session with you and answer any questions you may have about booking a boudoir session.

Ahh, Your Boudoir Session Day Has Finally Arrived!

How fun! We're going to have a busy day! Once we get you set up in my building, the fun begins. And oh, did I mention I have bunches of bedroom in my building? This is another big fail of "tricky" photographers-- selling you a boudoir session that, well, really isn't boudoir!! How so? Well, here's a bit of info for you. Boudoir photography only takes place in one type of location-- a bedroom setting. Anything else is not boudoir. Don't get fooled. Boudoir does not take place in a dark photo studio, or some woman's dark basement, or in someone's back garage on a musty couch. (Blah!)

We start off with about 45 minutes of hair and makeup. Once we're done with hair and makeup, it's time to come up with plan for all of the great outfits! Whether you have bridal favorites, classic stocking and garter looks, or even just casual t-shirts & undies. We work out a strategy and talk about getting all the poses you like, in all the outfits you like-- and have a great time doing it.

Two of the more common questions I get are "how much time is your session?", and "How many outfits do I get to wear?" Well, I do not operate with a time limit-- we're not doing factory work, here. Remember, this is all about the experience and taking a bit of time to get away from your typically daily grind. With that said, we're taking photos for perhaps two hours. And-- there is no outfit limit. That's a ridiculous method of charging people for a photography session (and if you come across someone who uses this method as a mean of charging people.. I'd say find another option.)

So, What Does A Boudoir Session Look Like?

Well, here are some photos from a recent boudoir session with a more casual theme. Not only did they turn out cute, they will be something that will be treasured for years... another success!

If you would like more information about boudoir photography, and working with me, send me a note on my Contact Page! I'd be happy to hear from you.