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NJ Woman Tries Boudoir Session...What Happens Next? Amazing.

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Stunning brunette in black lingerie from behind in a boudoir photography session
Simply Amazing New Jersey Boudoir Session

So, you've been thinking about trying a NJ boudoir photography session for a while, and still not completely sure what it's all about? You wouldn't be alone! Although boudoir photography has become popular for wedding gifts, Christmas, and anniversaries, women still have some confusion about to get those "amazing" session results that everyone wants.

No one ever sits down and says, "Hmmm... I think I want a boudoir session with average results!" but unwittingly, this is often the course they steer themselves right toward. Let's take a look at two important points to help you help you get those "amazing" results you deserve.

First things first-- and this is extremely difficult for some to wrap their heads around-- is that boudoir photographers are vastly different in skill and ability. For some reason, women do not grab hold of this fact and it is often something that comes back to haunt them in the end. You would never have the belief that all restaurants are the same-- Taco Bell is worlds apart from Nobu. You'd never have that thought about handbags or cars or any other number of consumer goods, but the number one fail for women shopping for a boudoir photographer is they believe all boudoir photographers are alike.

People want so badly to believe when they see a knock-off lookalike Louboutin on Amazon for $39 that somehow... someway it's going to be the like the real deal. It has to be! It "looks" like the real thing online. People are so errantly programmed to shop by price-- that this fault is time and time again used against them. The allure is so strong. But what ultimately happens in "reality?" It's just a cheap Chinese made shoe using fake leather, glued together, with some red paint slapped on the bottom. This "deal" ultimately doesn't wear the same and falls apart typically within weeks of the purchase and winds up in the trash. So, was it really the experience you were hoping to get? No. It never is. It's just common sense that you're not going to find a shoe the equal of a hand-made leather $695 Louboutin for $39... but you did it anyway! Why?

This human desire to find something like the "real thing" but only for cheaper will destroy you in boudoir photography... just as in anywhere else is life. The harsh truth: There is no $15,000 Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography, and there is no super discount "luxury" boudoir session. You need to accept that reality before even proceeding to shop for your boudoir photographer with your "amazing" ideals. Maybe a bit blunt, but true...

I've photographed countless women through my career, and I've talked to many about their boudoir shopping experiences, and a lot of the trouble I've heard boils down to one statement-- "I thought I'd get a session that looked like yours because I found a cheap photographer in my area that offered boudoir sessions..."

Well, there's only one me, and "photos like mine" are only going to be found in one place-- my studio. Just like the cheap knock-off shoes, there is no bargain alternative to the real thing. The genuine Louboutins will last a lifetime of enjoyment, while the Chinese knock-offs end up in the back of a closet or trash a month after purchase-- this same thing applies to boudoir.

boudoir photo of woman in black lingerie laying in bed grabbing garter belt

Alright, so hopefully now this example has opened your eyes a bit to the fact that all boudoir photographers are not the same. So, what's the seconds point? The second huge fail of women shopping for boudoir is not treating their session like a "special occasion." What does that mean?

We'll, to put it simply, let's say you were getting married. How time and energy did you put into finding the perfect wedding dress? Or maybe the perfect venue? Or maybe even the perfect shoes? A lot! You probably visited a bunch of venues, tasted a lot of food, and were out there looking for the ideal things for your wedding. You had a vision about what you wanted your wedding to be. You want your wedding to be perfect! It's not every day you get married. It's not every day you gather, potentially, a few hundred of your closest friends and relatives to celebrate a special occasion.

Let me ask you this. When you were shopping for your wedding dress did you walk in to Castle Couture and say, "Bring me the cheapest dress you've got!" Or (yikes!) go on Amazon and sort wedding dresses by the cheapest and stand up and scream WINNER! No, probably not. Did you have a discussion with your partner that probably serving your wedding guests KFC is the winning move because you could serve the entire wedding group for just $2.89 per person! Nooooooooooooooooo.... This discussion never happened. Why?

Because your wedding is a special occasion. That day is about celebrating your love and partnership with your soul-mate. It's a special day! True... KFC may be the cheapest option, but I think in this case you can see that the cheapest price isn't always the best choice in every situation. Your wedding is about the experience. It's about celebrating a special day. Your wedding is an occasion that will be captured in your memory (and that of your guests) for the rest of your life. It's fairly important!

...Well, I've got news for you. Your boudoir session is a special occasion, as well. You don't get married every month and throw a party for hundreds... and you don't celebrate your beauty with a boudoir session monthly, either. Just as your wedding isn't about finding the cheapest meal or dress-- boudoir isn't about finding the lowest priced photographer. As your guests don't deserve crappy instant mashed potatoes for a wedding, you don't deserve shitty discount glamour photography.

Always shop for boudoir photography with this "wedding mindset," and you will be rewarded.

These two simple facts: Boudoir photographers are all not the same, and always shop for your boudoir photographer with your "wedding mindset" are two key steps to getting those amazing results you deserve.

If you are from the New Brunswick area, Hoboken, the Monmouth County area -- and want to know more, I've got you covered. If you have any boudoir questions, or would simply like more information about boudoir in general, please send me a note on my Contact Page. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

And YES, the session is AMAZING! 😀

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