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NJ Boudoir Photographer Reviews

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Finding a boudoir photographer can be a bit of work! In the end, though, putting in the effort pays off with a spectacular experience that will be treasured for years. As you know, boudoir photography is about a lot more than just a bunch of cute photos-- it's an experience. The right way to approach it is to think of your boudoir session as an event-- like your wedding day, or an anniversary-- it's a special occasion, an needs to be treated as such. You want everything to be perfect.

There are a few considerations when choosing your photographer: Style, budget, and, of course, reviews of previous clients are all considerations in making a final decision.

Everyone has an idea of what type of style they want their photos... bright and airy, dark and moody-- or a mix of both. Take a peek through the galleries and social media profiles of your photographer and ask yourself -- Is this my type of boudoir? Is this how I see myself? Boudoir styles will vary from person to person. So, find the style that most appeals to you. This is a matter of personal preference.

Budget is always a consideration when shopping, and photographers come in a variety of price points based on experience, level of service, and type of products delivered. As an experienced pro, I highly suggest you to resist your baked-in behavior to seek out the lowest price. Your wedding gift should not be left up to the lowest bidder. Talk to your photographers and see what type of products they offer, and dig into the details of what is included with your purchase.

Seeing only a session price on a PDF without any context doesn't mean much. If your real estate agent calls and says, "Hey, Ashley, I have a home for $375,000 do you want to buy it?" --That's isn't quite enough information to make an informed decision, right? What style of house? How many bedrooms? What town? --So don't do that with photographers.

Here's another dirty little secret-- there are photographers out there selling boudoir...that isn't even boudoir. Boudoir photography does not take place in a dark photo studio. Despite what your told (sold?) that's not boudoir photography.

Reviews are an important barometer of previous client experiences. If your candidate has a good number of reviews it should answer a few questions you may have from those who have already been through the boudoir process. This is a good insight into what to expect, and may answer some questions you may have about the photographer.

In my New Jersey boudoir photography business, client experience is always a priority. Boudoir photography is about having fun, and offering a high level of service from the first contact through the follow up after the final products have been delivered. As a high end business-- I'm the expert, and I'm here to guide you through your experience.

Below of some of my New Jersey boudoir photography reviews-- take a moment to read through them! As for me-- my specialty is working with brides who truly value experiences and enjoy fun. That's my ideal client. I learned long ago that the service I provide is larger than just photography. What I really provide is overwhelming joy and a heart filling experience each and every time you view your images-- five years-- ten years into the future. It's a feeling that transcends words.

If you have questions about shopping for a New Jersey boudoir photographer-- don't hesitate to send me your questions by visiting my Contact Page.


boudoir photo of woman laying in bed in black lingerie

Mike was great to work with and I was blown away by my pictures. From the very beginning he was always available to discuss looks I was interested in. On the day of the session I had a great experience with hair and make up. Mike was super professional and had tons of ideas for great pictures. It was a perfect combo of listening to what I was looking for and adding suggestions to make the pictures even better! His communication continued to be impressive while I was picking out pictures for my album. I made some changes to the album and he was quick and responsive throughout the entire process. I can't wait to give this to my fiance!! Would recommend Mike to anyone looking for professional pictures! -- Jennifer B.

boudoir photo of blonde woman laying in bed in lingerie

I recently had my photoshoot with mike and it was AMAZING! I was so nervous before getting started but the second I met mike he calmed all of my nerves and answered any questions or concerns I had. Mike truly captures the beauty in his clients. I honestly felt like I was hanging out with a friend just taking some photos and laughing with each other. Without a doubt I will be back to see him in the future! I wish all women could work with mike, I left feeling so confident and beautiful and for that I cannot thank him enough. --Katie B.