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Meet The No. 1 Boudoir Photographer for 2022 NJ Brides

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

NJ's Top Boudoir Photographer
beautiful bridal boudoir photo of blonde woman in white lingerie

Let's face it-- NJ brides want to be beautiful... especially when it comes to their wedding! As a NJ boudoir photographer, I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to work with more and more brides every year who want to create amazing boudoir wedding gifts for their partners.

Boudoir photography has become an incredibly popular (and fun!) wedding gift which has been growing each and every year! ...And why not! Not only is it a great time-- clients are creating a beautiful personalized work of art they can enjoy for years.

Word on the street is, when brides want the best photographer they come visit me! When I started my business years ago, I knew I wanted to run my business in a certain way. You see, I've always been a bit OCD about not just doing things right... but going above and beyond to make it the best. I wanted my brides to have the best experience. I wanted them to enjoy amazing hand crafted boudoir albums. I wanted them to have stunning photos that made them look their best. What's the catch? Doing things the right way isn't necessarily the cheapest way.

Back then I wasn't sure if my system of "not cutting corners" would really resonate with brides, BUT I knew how I wanted to work! So, what happened? Well, to my surprise there were lot of women out there who got it, and understood the value of the experience, and starting booking their wedding sessions.

Before long, I had a wait-list of brides... and not just from NJ, but from all around the NJ/NY/PA areas. I was amazed.

I couldn't believe it!

NJ bridal boudoir photo of stunning bride in white lingerie

So, what are brides looking for who come visit me? Well, the women who come in to work with me understand the value of a great experience in addition to wanting great results. They want to look beautiful and be portrayed in the best way possible-- all the while having a great time.

Predominantly I work with brides, but I also work with women looking to create stunning gifts for anniversaries and Christmas.

boudoir photo of women laying in bed smiling with her engagement ring

What are errors women make when shopping for a boudoir photographer? --Well, the main mistake women make is using "lowest price" as their deciding factor in the selection. First, photography isn't a "price comparative" industry. Consumers aren't making an "apple to apples" comparison using this method, so using this method is pretty meaningless.

Secondly, and the example I always use is with is this: I ask them a question. "If you are celebrating your first anniversary dinner do you get all dressed up, get your hair done, and jump in the car and head to Taco Bell to celebrate? Because its the cheapest?" Of course not! Yeah, but it's the "cheapest!" How an any other restaurants even stay in business? Why wouldn't everyone just go to Taco Bell all the time?

At this point it sinks in a bit... Cheapest isn't necessarily the right choice in all instances. Your anniversary is about the experience, enjoying time together with your partner, and having a great meal. --It's a special occasion! Well, what do you think your boudoir session is? 😀

sexy boudoir photo of woman's booty in fishnet stockings

Helping women make smart choices when choosing their photographer has always been important to me. I've heard too many stories of bad photography results and experiences which were lacking. If you're curious, my blog has many articles and tips about finding the right photographer for you.

Here are some great tips for NJ women to shop smart for their boudoir photographer.

What's it like to do this? Well, in short, it's fun! Obviously, many women are a bit anxious at first-- it's not every day you're taking your clothes off for photos! These nerves are short-lived, however. The best part of what I do is seeing the smiles on women's faces at the end of their session and hearing about how much fun they had.