Meet The "Go To" Boudoir Photographer for New Jersey Brides

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

boudoir photo of beautiful woman in white bridal lingerie with a bouquet
New Jersey Boudoir Photography For Brides

Don't tell anyone, but we have fun and laugh... a lot. OK, well the secret it now out. If you've been poking around trying to find a New Jersey boudoir photographer for your bridal session, you may be in the right place!

Hi, I'm Michael, and I specialize in creating amazing boudoir gifts for brides. It's what I do! Boudoir has grown in popularity as a wedding gift over the years, and why not!! --It's an intimate gift for your wedding that really is fun to create. Want to learn more? Read on...

In a world flooded with "photographers," I knew I needed to make a difference. I operate with a simple philosophy. Boudoir photography is a special occasion-- treat it like one. When people ask me for tips on shopping for a boudoir photographer I always tell them to think of it a bit like your wedding. A wedding isn't something that happens every day, right? You spend lots of time researching and finding the right venue, the perfect dress... the list goes on and on. You may not go out and spend $125 per person on a meal every day, but for a wedding its all about the experience-- you're celebrating an special day-- you want everything to be perfect!!

Likewise, a boudoir photography session is a bit of a special occasion, as well. Treating it otherwise tends to really get women sometimes in a situation where things don't always end up like they planned. As it turns out, people aren't the best of shoppers in all cases. You may not realize it, but you have programmed from a young age with the mindset that when shopping-- the lowest price wins. This is a bad way to shop for boudoir. I hear the sad stories from time to time, unfortunately.

boudoir photo of beautiful bride in white lace lingerie and a veil

When you're strolling down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store...odds are what are you doing? Scanning for the box with the lowest price tag. Winner! you think to yourself. What most people don't realize is that price is just one part of overall cost. Yes, you saved a dollar twenty-nine, but what did you really get? Odds are, it isn't even real ice cream. ...Let alone real food. Lets see: Erythritol, Milk Protein Concentrate, Vegetable Glycerin, Guar Gum. ...Something tells me when grandma was making her home made ice cream back in the day, Vegetable Glycerin wasn't in the recipe.

As I noted, what you're getting isn't even real food. How can processed food companies get away with this? The truth is most people don't even stop to think about what is in the carton, or what they are actually eating... just the price tag on the carton. Likewise, you could have just gotten chicken nuggets for everyone at your wedding-- and fed everyone for $2.29 per person! What a savings! That statement may be true... but probably not what most people would do in a wedding situation.

Why? Why does the grocery store follow one set of shopping rules, and a wedding another? Well, the science of how people shop goes a bit beyond the scope of this post, but it's super important when shopping for a boudoir photographer to follow the latter.

The simple answer is your wedding is an experience. It's a day you'll remember for the rest of your life. My wonderful clients are also those who value experiences, as well as having fun.

Why is this important to understand? Even if I'm not your choice as photographer, it's important for me to help everyone learn to make the smart choice when choosing a photographer.