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Fun Prop Ideas For Your Christmas Boudoir Session

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Christmas gifts are great. Boudoir is great. Giving boudoir as a Christmas gift is... well... GREAT! What better time is there to show a bit of your Holiday flare than during your Christmas boudoir session?!

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for a boudoir photographer, and for good reason. Lots of women inquire about giving a boudoir as a gift each Christmas season. Your local photographer may be booked weeks (or months!) ahead of the season due to the demand for giving cute little albums for a very special Christmas gift. Some photographers even offer fun mini sessions during the season to help accommodate everyone who wants to take part. A mini session is a short boudoir session, often at a reduced price.

Christmas sessions are also a wonderful time for props. You can add some seasonal cheer to your shoot by adding a few holiday themed props. Christmas boudoir props can run from cute to downright sexy. I love adding props to a Christmas album, and have seen tons of unique items come into my building over the years.

If you've been looking for boudoir prop ideas for your session, great news! I've made a list of some cute ideas to help bring a bit of fun to your session. Below are some Holiday favorites.

As always, have fun and enjoy your Christmas!

Candy Can Thigh Socks

Cute. Cute. Cute. Thigh are socks are good any time during a boudoir session, and candy cane ones are especially cute for your Holiday gift. Paired with a bra set, and you've got some instant Christmas sexy. Check these out here. Or here.

Christmas Lingerie

Keep it really festive in red bra and undie sets during your session. Although this may not technically be a "prop," per se, a cute red (or green!) bra set will really bring some joy to your partner.

Red Ribbons & Bows

Want a super sexy way to present your gift? How about a big red ribbon & bow. For those who like their boudoir to be a bit on the daring side. Maybe the sexiest gift of the year.

Santa Hat

So simple, but yet such a versatile and adorable prop to use in your session. Wear your Santa hat with lingerie, or maybe even just alone... Check these out here.

Candy Cane Pasties

Maybe a bit on the wild side, but what's Christmas without a little naughty fun. Christmas pasties may just be the right prop to tease your partner. Pick up a set here. Santa hat pasties, or even ginger bread man pasties

Sexy Mrs Santa

Everyone loves Mrs. Santa. A cute Christmas Costume may be just the thing for a bit of adorable Yuletide fun. Mrs. Santa comes in a few cute versions which you can see by clicking here or Mrs. Santa Helper.

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