Fun 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas -- How About A Boudoir Session?

Congratulations! It's hardly seems like a year ago that you were just getting married. How time flies! One minute you're walking down the aisle... and suddenly your first anniversary is upon you.

Now, to celebrate that first wonderful year, an amazing gift is a must... but what should it be? Well, lots of people like to follow the traditional anniversary gift conventions, and as we all know the first anniversary is the paper anniversary.

Now, some popular first anniversary gift ideas are show tickets, special piece of art, or perhaps even a spouses favorite novel or book. Those are all great ideas, but there's one first year anniversary gift idea that's on the rise-- boudoir photography.

Boudoir? How does that fit in? Well, let me explain. Remember how you thought about getting boudoir for a wedding gift, and well, things just didn't work out for one reason or another. Now's your chance. For those women who may want to step up their gift a bit boudoir photography is the perfect wedding gift.

One of the most popular products of boudoir is a photo book, or album-- see... paper! Giving the gift of a boudoir album is not only extremely personal, it's possibly the most fun you can have creating a gift.

Not only does it make a great gift for your spouse, the truth of the matter is that taking part in a boudoir session is such a positive and uplifting experience for you, too. It really is a gift that is treasured (and appreciated) for years.

Does that sound interesting? Well, you wouldn't be alone. Boudoir photography is part of more and more anniversary gifts every year.

Boudoir can fit your personal style. If you're a bit more conservative. No problems. For those who want to show a bit more of their wild side, that's all part of boudoir, too. After your session is completed half the fun is putting your custom album or book together to create the perfect gift.

Sound interesting? Here are a few basic tips to help you you started.

1) Learn how to shop smart. Finding a great boudoir photographer in your local area make take a bit of work. This is the most important part of the whole deal-- and it will be a bit of work. Look for a high quality photographer that fits your style. Want to know a bit more, you can read my article about how to shop for a boudoir photographer.

2) You'll get what you pay for. Don't skimp out. In photography you'll always get what you pay for. If you were going out for a special anniversary dinner you may to go Nobu, and you'd expect a great meal. You'd have no problem paying for it. You probably wouldn't be saying to yourself, Why would I pay $47 for a dinner at Nobu when I can get an entire meal at Taco Bell for $3? -- what a ripoff. Photography is the same way. Cheaper isn't better... it's just cheaper. There is time and place for a chalupa-- but your anniversary dinner isn't it. Your anniversary is a special occasion, be prepared to spend the going rate in your area for a great photographer. It is, what it is.

3) Give yourself plenty of time. It may take two months or so from when you first start planning, till you have your finished photo book in hand. Boudoir photography isn't a great last minute gift-- plan ahead. If you have a great photographer she/he may be busy-- it may take a while to even get booked. Afterward, photo books and albums may take a few weeks for printing and binding. The earlier you can get in for your session, the less stress you'll have as gift time approached.

4) Have fun. Boudoir is about having a great time, and creating beautiful photos that will be treasured. The little secret here is this is going to be as much fun for you as it will be for him. Enjoy it. Buy a new outfit or two. Get your hair and nails done. These photos will be around for a long time-- you want to look your best.

boudoir photography as an anniversary gift

There it is! Boudoir photography can be a great first anniversary gift idea. In my studio, it's one of the biggest reasons why women come in to see me-- and it's growing.

If you've been thinking about this for a while, you are certainly not alone. You'll have a great time, and boudoir has this wonderful ability to make people feel amazing in the process. Let the booking begin! --And have a super Happy Anniversary.