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Did You See This Amazing Monmouth County Luxury Boudoir Photography Session?

Updated: May 30

boudoir photo of woman laying in bed in black lingerie and stockings
Monmouth County Boudoir Photography

"This is just surreal." she mentioned when she was viewing the results from Monmouth County of her boudoir shoot.

Although everyone I work with receives an incredible experience, over the years I've learned the real service I provide is that overwhelming joy and heart filling experience each and every time a client views their images-- five years, ten years into the future. It's a feeling that transcends words. If you were wondering if there can really be a difference between photographers, keep reading...

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a specialty photographer that has photographed hundreds of women and I'm enthusiastic about my clients-- and my job. For years I've worked with women from all over Monmouth County who are looking for something better than the typical run of the mill boudoir photography session.

Finding a boudoir photographer can be a chore. I understand. I always say the best way to approach your search is to imagine as if you are seeking out your wedding venue -- or planning an evening out for your anniversary. --Or maybe even a dream vacation. Those events are special occasions-- they are about the experience, and having a wonderful evening. Your boudoir search needs to use this same approach. Follow this one simple rule...and you will be rewarded.

boudoir photo of beautiful woman in black lingerie with stockings

How does it work? Well, my specialty is working with brides who truly value experiences and enjoy having fun. That's my ideal client. It all typically gets started when I receive an inquiry via my Contact Page, or Instagram account. The first step is to have a bit of a consultation so I can talk with the client about working with me, and see what she has in mind for her session to ensure we are a good fit.

Planning is important! I only take a limited number of sessions, and seasonally my schedule can run over peak capacity-- so when it comes to weddings, good planning is essential. I am looking to get my brides on the schedule with a minimum of 3 months before their wedding dates-- and in frequent cases, I have brides scheduling their session dates with me up to a year in advance to hold their spots!

I work in a beautiful well lit building with lots of bedrooms. The sad part about boudoir photography is that there are photographers out there that will mislead clients and offer "boudoir" sessions that are not boudoir! As it's name implies, boudoir photography is shot in beautiful bedroom settings-- anything else is NOT boudoir. Boudoir photography does NOT take place in a dark photo studio, or in someone's basement. That's not boudoir. Don't be fooled. Clients need to take time to educate themselves to they can make a smart choice!

When clients arrive on their session day, we start with typically about an hour of makeup application and hair styling. Your session day includes a bit of pampering! Remember, this is a special occasion.

Your session day is a bit of a break from your normal every day routine. We're here to relax, take our time-- and have a fun afternoon. After the makeup application, typically, we'll review your outfits and come up with a great plan to get all the shots done. Got your fiancés Jets jersey? Great! We'll get it. Just purchased a beautiful new Honey Birdette outfit -- Love it! We'll be certain to capture amazing shots of that outfit.

Another area where women make a big mistake in the selection of their photographer is choosing someone who charges using wonky packages. We do not work with "outfit limits" or "time limits." That is a ridiculous method of charging for photography. Can you image going to a Red Bank beauty salon for a hair cut and the stylist asking you if you prefer the "10-minute cut or the 20-minute cut?" That would be fairly weird, right? You're paying the salon for a result. The same thing in boudoir photography. The photo part of your day is on average two hours or so--

boudoir photo of side of women in black stocking and high heels on her knees in bed

Be prepared... A boudoir session is a bit of a work! There's lot so bending and twisting... it's quite a workout, but for sure, you'll really be walking on air when we're finished. It's such a positive and uplifting experience, and I love being part of it. After your session is completed, the real work begins. It takes hours of work to go through and prepare the photos for final delivery. When your gallery is ready, we'll both hop on a quick Zoom or Google Meet call to review your photos and select your favs. It's so fun!

The end result? Well, I'm a fan of beautiful photo albums...and that is what I produce. Women come to me for a one-of-a-kind keepsake that not only will be an amazing gift-- but will be something everyone will treasure for years.

So, that's it in a nutshell. Below are some boudoir photos from one my recent sessions that are truly amazing...and I thought you needed to see. For more information on me and my work take a look around my website-- there's tons of helpful information, and fun boudoir galleries to enjoy. To get started on your beautiful boudoir session, you can reach out to me here.

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