Boudoir Photography For NJ Lesbian Couples

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

same sex couples being close during a boudoir session
NJ Boudoir Photography For Lesbian Couples

Have you been considering a couples boudoir photography session? In short, it's a lot of fun. 😀. The one great thing about boudoir photography is that it is indeed for everyone. Let's take a look...

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a little bit of a geek, but I'm also boudoir photographer from NJ who has photographed hundreds of women during my career. I wanted to write a short post today to follow up on an inquiry I received recently-- and one which pops up in my inbox from time to time-- asking if I work with same sex couples. Of course!

Q: Hi Mike. My girlfriend and I wanted to check in to see if you photograph same sex/lesbian couples? We are celebrating an upcoming special occasion soon and thought it may be a fun way to celebrate. Thx.

Sure do. Boudoir photography is a great-- and fun-- way to celebrate a special occasion with your partner.

Each year I do an increasing number of couples sessions. Why are people coming in? Well, the reasons vary, but they may often be couples looking for a bit of excitement, to celebrate a milestone, a birthday surprise, or perhaps even a unique date idea.

One way a couples session differs from my typical session is that it's not a secret! Typically, my average client is sneaking around preparing trying not to ruin a surprise. It's a lot of stress! Couples sessions, on the other hand, are in the open. Couples have time to prepare and come in with a bit of a different spring in their step.

boudoir photo of blonde woman in black lingerie standing near a window

What's it like to have a couples session? Well, there is no one simple answer here-- every session is fairly unique. Some may really want to focus more on cutesy playful type sessions that has shots with lots of intimacy, cuddling, and sweet smiles. There are other couples out there who tend to have sessions which skew in more of an intense sexual nature with more of a focus on nudity and sexual intimacy. And you know what?? --Both are fine. It really comes down to what you and your partner have in mind, and your level of comfort. Flirty? Sexy? There isn't one best answer... the fun part is working it all out.

A big part of the fun is getting ready... and doing a bit of shopping. Boudoir is a bit of a special occasion, so this should be reflected in your outfits. If you are wearing lingerie, it really comes down the quality, not quantity. You can get one or two great outfits for your session...and it will be a home run. One little tip here: Avoid super cheap Amazon lingerie. Yes! It may appear to be a bargain, but in my experience much of this stuff is not only "cheap" looking, but it ill-fitting, as well.

Another important tip for same sex couples is to really be vigilant that you are actually getting a boudoir session! I operate in a big building full of cute bedrooms. As the name implies, "boudoir," photography is only shot in a bedroom setting. Anything else just isn't boudoir.

There are photographers out there who promote and sell photography sessions, as "boudoir," when they really aren't! How? Well, part of it is the photographer not being experienced, or understanding what boudoir photography actually is-- the other part is boudoir shoppers not really knowing what true boudoir photography really is and not having the details for making a smart decision. This really happens? Yes! All the time. For a few quick tips on shopping for a boudoir check out these boudoir tips. Don't find yourself in a situation where you really not getting what you expected.

I could go on for a while about getting ready for a session-- there's so many details! As you can see, I'm enthusiastic about my job. Most of all, though, it's about having a fun experience with your partner. Your session is a special occasion and a bit of a break from a daily routine. The photos created will be keepsakes that will be cherished for years. It may be one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon together.

Lastly, remember to always to use that "special occasion" mindset when searching for your photographer. Boudoir photography is not a price comparative business. Comparing prices from one photographer to another tells you nothing. You are comparing meaningless numbers. Boudoir photographers can use all kinds of odd pricing schemes and systems that make no sense to anyone-- even to the photographer themselves. Don't commit the fatal error of boudoir shoppers and think you'll be deciding on your photographer by lowest price. You are ultimately paying for a great result, and if you are treating your session with that "special occasion" mindset what matters most is the experience.

For example: Think of going out with your partner for a special occasion... say a birthday. You both planned a special dinner. Everyone is dressed up, makeup done, and want to go out for a terrific after all the planning do you hop in the car and head to McDonald's?? Probably not. It may be true, indeed, its cheaper than heading to Pascal & Sabine, but that most likely isn't the most important detail here, huh? The birthday is about having a great night out together. It's about the experience... it's not about settling on the lowest bidder. Get it! THAT is your boudoir mindset. Follow through on ideology, and you will be rewarded!!

If you have any questions about booking a same sex / lesbian couples boudoir session don't hesitate to send me a note! I look forward to hearing from you! 😀

lesbian couple smiling during a boudoir session