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Anti-Tips For That "Meh..." Boudoir Session You've Always Dreamed About

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Anti-tips? Yes! Have you been thinking about a boudoir session lately? Well, let's be honest here... There isn't really much to think about! Shopping for boudoir is so straight forward and simple... anyone can do it! And on top of all that, a special occasion like a boudoir session really doesn't deserve much of your valuable time, anyway. It's hardly even worth writing a blog post about... So, not to waste any more of your day, below are a few straight forward anti-tips to ensure your boudoir session will pretty much be the "Meh..." experience you were hoping for!


boudoir photo of beautiful woman laying on a bed in black lingerie

1> Wait till the absolute last minute to book a boudoir session...

Thinking of booking a boudoir session for an upcoming occasion? Fabulous. As a gift that will be cherished for years, the best way to plan for it is to definitely wait till the last minute! You took over a year to plan your wedding, but hey...let's not get nutty here-- For your boudoir session spending any more than an hour or so would be supremely over doing it! All things considered, you should probably allocate a solid 15 - 20 minutes for planning this special activity (including reading this post.)

Ideally, once that time is invested in research, start reaching out to photographers a week or so before your anniversary or wedding date-- when you absolutely need your gift in-hand. After all, how much time can this possibly take??? You're busy, and in this age of "Amazon Prime" if anything takes more than two days... is it really worth it after all? Actually, it pretty much shows that if the photographers can't "produce" in a weeks time, they are probably not really on the ball anyway, and if you get any responses from photographers about it "not being enough time..." you're reply to them should be "Next!!!"

Pro Tip: Want to save a few more days? OMG! You are busy... Really, you may only need to wait five days before you need your album to schedule. Remember, Amazon can get you a new patio set in two days... I'm sure a local photographer can do their job in five.

boudoir photo of a woman from the side laying in bed wearing black strappy lingerie

2> Definitely pick your photographer by lowest price.

By far the best strategy for shopping for your boudoir photographer is simply going website to website (which is already a pain in the ass... can't there really be an easier way??) scanning for a Pricing page, and simply finding the lowest price. This is pure common sense but I thought I'd add it here anyway.

Even better... you may be already subscribed to one of those "email deal" sites (that you've been meaning to unsubscribe from... but who has the time, really?) and your email trash bin may be holding the pot of gold you need at this moment. Do you recall seeing any "email deals" in your inbox not too long ago for a $39 boudoir session? Boom! Can you say "Winning!" You know this is a solid no-brainer because any professional that is giving away hours worth of effort that boils down to them earning a solid .58 cents per hour for their efforts must be an awesome deal, and furthermore, that photographer must really be on top of their game. Hey...their loss, right!?

Pro Tip: As mentioned, looking at websites is work. --And "work" is a four letter word-- You know what that means... don't do it. Why do this yourself when you can hire a virtual assistant on Fiverr to do this step for you. They can search local boudoir photographers in your area by price...and forward you the cheapest price they find! Perfect! (Just remember to deduct the $5 you had to pay for this "convenience" from your boudoir budget.) And, remember tipping your assistant for their efforts on Fiverr is optional... not gonna happen!

boudoir photo of a woman laying on her stomach pushing her booty up with jeans on

3> Always find the boudoir photographer with the least experience and expertise.

The hidden secret for having great boudoir results perhaps may be the most overlooked. The thing about womens portrait photography is that experience and skills are way over rated, and when it comes down to it, really aren't necessary. The truth is, anyone can do that job and holding a camera really isn't that tough... really, get a grip photographers. Anyone could have painted the Mona Lisa... that guy just happened to do it first!

Photographers are tricky and may not tell you they are new, which is really just an excuse for them to charge you more, but I have thing for you to try. Odds are one of your co-workers probably has a friend who just literally started a boudoir photography business 3 weeks ago... so ask around! As it turns out, you do! How lucky.

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