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8 Cute Boudoir Poses In Sweaters You Must Try For Your Upcoming Boudoir Shoot

Updated: May 20

Ah, the sweater. It's cozy. It's casual. Could there possibly be a more comfy item to bring along to your boudoir session? Sweaters are actually a fairly popular item found tucked away in the suitcases of boudoir clients-- and for good reason. They make for cute shots!

Fall, winter & spring clients often bring along their favorite sweaters to incorporate into their albums. Some may call it a "casual boudoir" look, but whatever you want to call it, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this trusty item and make it look great.

Below are a few of my favorite boudoir poses with sweaters for your to enjoy and try in your upcoming session. For more boudoir photography ideas stop by my gallery here.


Boudoir Pose 1.

boudoir photo of woman wearing a sweater sitting in a window holding a coffee cup

Boudoir Pose 2.

boudoir photo of a woman wearing a gray sweater standing by a window

Boudoir Pose 3.

boudoir photo of beautiful brunette sitting in a chair with sunlight washing over her

Boudoir Pose 4.

boudoir photo of brunette woman in a sweater gazing out a window

Boudoir Pose 5.

boudoir photo of a woman in bed wearing a sweater looking over her shoulder

Boudoir Pose 6.

woman wearing a beige sweater gazing out a window

Boudoir Pose 7.

beautiful young woman in a sweater holding a coffee cup standing by a window.

Boudoir Pose 8.

boudoir photo of a blonde woman in a sweater and knee socks sitting in a chair holding a coffee cup


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