21 Boudoir Photos That Will Make You Feel Like Booking A Session Today!

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The secret is out that boudoir photography is about a lot more than just a bunch of cute photos. Whether you are considering a session for a wedding, anniversary gift, or just for yourself-- Let's face it, boudoir photography is a great time! From the pre-session shopping spree, to the session makeover, to that "walking on air" feeling you'll have when your session completed-- it's a well-deserved break from your every day grind. If you have been thinking about a booking boudoir shoot this post may be for you...

Hi. I'm Michael. A boudoir photographer from New Jersey that has photographed hundreds of women. The fun part of a boudoir session is that every one is unique to each woman. From demure to down right sexy, it's your session, and the simple truth is there is no right or wrong way you should be doing a session. Feel like wearing just a simple tank and a pair of undies? Great! That's a cute look, for sure. Feel like going all-in with a super strappy Honey Birdette number that will blow his mind!? Go for it!

Aside from the dress up fun, many women do a bit of research on posing ideas. If you've been online looking for some boudoir photo ideas, you've come to the right place! Many women aren't sure where to start when it comes to posing. Well, the first thing to understand is you do not need to learn or research any complex posing routines! If you've chosen your photographer wisely, he/she will have that part all under control. Nevertheless, some women do like looking up boudoir shots, and why not, its fun.

I love new posing ideas, and I'm always excited to work with clients to create something unique. Remember though, simple is best. There is no need to overly complicate things. Boudoir is a simple and beautiful form of photography, and your poses should reflect that. If you've been hunting for poses, and made a collection on Pinterest, or elsewhere, be sure to share your favs with your photographer.

Cute outfits plus the perfect poses make for incredible boudoir albums. Remember, you will be enjoying this album for years.... literally. It really becomes a snapshot of your life, and becomes a keepsake that creates overwhelming joy and a heart filling experiences each and every time you view it.

Putting the energy into finding the best photographer for you (New Jersey women look me up!), and making a few beautiful lingerie purchases is well worth the effort. The most important rule for your boudoir is to approach it using your "wedding" mindset. When you were searching for your wedding venue (or dress) you didn't simply call around asking for prices and declare the cheapest one the winner. No! You read reviews. Talked to friends. Visited and tasted. There was a ton of effort involved in this decision. Why? Because your wedding is a special occasion. It has to be perfect. Weddings aren't about choosing the lowest bidder. Likewise, boudoir doesn't work that way, either.

See, finding a photographer can be a bit of work. Trust me. I understand. Follow a few simple rules and you will be rewarded.

Ready for the fun part? Want a few posing ideas for your session? Great. Take a peek at these 21 boudoir poses below for inspiration. Lots of success in your search, and I hope you truly have a great time. If you have any questions about boudoir, please send me a note. I'm happy to answer.


boudoir photo of a woman laying back with her legs up on a headboard


boudoir photo of a women in black lingerie standing


boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie sitting on a bench looking out a window


boudoir photo of a beautiful brunette standing near a window


boudoir photo of a woman crawling on to a bed


beautiful blonde woman in black lingerie standing near a window.


boudoir photo of a woman in a black thong with her hands chained behind her


woman in white corset posing for a boudoir photo


woman laying in bed in strappy bra and garter belt in seductive pose


beautiful brunette woman posing for a boudoir shot in a sweater





brunette in bridal lingerie holding flowers


woman in jeans and black underwear posing in bed