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File security is paramount...

Make an informed decision.



So, what happens to your image files after your session is completed?  Ever stop to think about that?  Although, boudoir has come a long way over the past ten years and is more "mainstream",  there is still an expectation of security when it comes to files.  Are your boudoir photos safe?

...The simple answer to this question-- in more situations than not, is a shocking no.  This is an important topic, and I make an effort to educate not only boudoir clients, but also boudoir photographers on practices that should be implemented to help your private files secure. You can read my detailed article about What Happens To Your Boudoir Photos After Your Session here.

Even if I am not your final choice, one of the questions you should be asking a prospective photographer is "What happens to my files after my project is completed?"  If there is any hesitation or uncertainty, it may be an indication this person may not have a safe plan for your photos.  

My standard is to archive your files using AES-128 bit Encryption, which is one of the strongest standardized encryption available.  It is used for secret information all over the world.  For more information on AES encryption you can read here


Although I do not guarantee life time storage of archives, your photos are stored securely in the event you need copies, or would like to make reprints in the future.  (Hey, albums have wound up in the hands of "exes" after a break up, and clients may need to recreate albums, or get second copies down the line.)  It is certainly not unusual that clients request copies of photos for extra prints, personal file loss, etc., after a period of time a sessions has been completed.

Additionally, at the request of a client, your files can be purged immediately after your project is competed, as well.  Remember:  This action is final, and your photos will not be available the event of personal loss of data or prints.  


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