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You're here!  I know, I know, you've never done anything like this before.  --By the way, hi, I'm Michael.  I'm a little bit of a geek, but more importantly I'm an amazing boudoir photographer.  You're in the right place, though.  This whole boudoir situation is completely my thing.  I really get that boudoir is so much more than just a set of beautiful photos.  It is an amazing- invigorating- and confidence expiring experience.

1.  You're here!  You've made it this far for a reason.  Have you been hanging around my website for a while!? 😀  That's fine.  Your little inner voice has been telling you "I WANT THIS!" 

2. I'm happy to talk with you.  If you'd like to chat, jump on a quick video call with me.  You can DM me on Instagram @michaelcassidy for a quick video chat.  OR-- we can jump on Zoom.  (I'm not an iPhone guy. I can't Facetime.) 

3. Once we make sure we're a good fit, and know the details of your availability & when you need your gift, we can get to booking!  

4. I keep everything soooo simple.  No complicated "packages."  Your session fee covers everything... including your photo book.  $649 gets you all in.  (You'll see all the detail on the next page.)  For those who want their books or albums a bit bigger, there are plenty of upgrade options available.  My customers spend between $649 - $1100 based on their budgets... no pressure.

5. Even better-- you can get booked for just $50.  Most of my clients make payments.  I've got you! 


6.  My boudoir business has exploded!  I'm so happy I get to help women really feel great about themselves. My clients are every day women, like you, who have always wanted to have the experience & fun of a boudoir session.  You're worth it!  You can jump the the next page to download a copy of my price guide if you'd like or... if you're ready to get to booking, simply send me a note so we can get started.



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