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Simply the most important factors in making your choice...

Make an informed decision.

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Boudoir photographers are not all the same.   This is an important, but overlooked, truism that causes big mistakes when it comes to clients selecting their photographer.  Making the smart choice can be boiled down to two things:  Quality and Customer Experience.

How long did it take you to prepare for your wedding?  You can spend countless hours researching, visiting, and choosing the best possible venues and dress for your special day.  It had to be perfect.  It's not every day you may spend $125 per person on an event and $1900 on a dress, but your wedding is one of those times where you are celebrating a special occasion and it's about the experience and a lifetime of memories.  Make sense?  

You certainly didn't plan that amazing wedding and then decide to feed your guests Taco Bell... That would be a bit strange.  True-- fast food is cheaper than an elegant meal, but you'd agree in this wedding analogy lowest price isn't always the best choice in every circumstance.  Get what I'm driving at?  Your boudoir session needs to be viewed with this same special occasion or "wedding mindset." --period.  You don't spend that much for every get together, but your wedding is one of those times where your celebrating your relationship with your partner.  Likewise, your boudoir session is that same type of special event.  It's about doing it right so you can enjoy the experience, and the memories can be enjoyed for years.  The "Taco Bell" approach toward boudoir shopping really belies the entire point of doing a boudoir session altogether.

You understand that when buying a Mercedes-Benz you're expecting something of more quality than when buying used Hyundai.  You understand staying at a Ritz-Cartlon on vacation would be a different experience than a Holiday Inn Express.  As mentioned earlier, you'd certainly expect a much higher quality of food dining at Nobu than at a Taco Bell.  These same differences apply to boudoir photographers, as well.  

This is why comparing prices of photographers is useless, and not knowing any other details, is a meaningless comparison.  It's as meaningless as determining the used Hyundai is a "better" choice because it has the lower price.  This is the biggest trap in photography, and causes the most heart ache.  Everyone has a budget!  I get it.  This is certainly true, but always, always, when it come to your photographer save and do it right... remember... "Wedding Mindset"-- and leave the Taco Bell behind.

I am certainly more of the "Mercedes"-type photographer.  I've worked tirelessly to create stunning and beautiful photos for my clients to enjoy for years into the future. The amazing thing about my work is that it can't be found anywhere else, it's unique to me, so comparing my pricing would be of no avail--  your photos are unique artwork made just for you!  These photos are printed and bound in exceptional custom and hand-made albums that can't be found anywhere else.  They are rich and elegant products that are surely keepsakes to enjoy years into the future.  

I'm here for those who value what I do and produce.  My clients are those who love experiences.  I simply refuse to cut corners, and as I've found, brides understood this and wanted exceptional photography as part of their special wedding days.  

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