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Little do you realize now, but your boudoir album will be a cherished keepsake that will be with you for decades.  Five years... ten years down the road, that book represents a time, place & moment in your life.  Each time it's viewed it tells your story.  Every time I create an album, it's done with that sentiment in mind.  

Your boudoir session needs to be thought of as a special occasion.  --Think of it like planning your anniversary dinner, or your wedding.  It's a special occasion and a bit of an indulgence.  You don't go out and spend $100 per person every time you go out for dinner, but that anniversary dinner is one of those times where your celebrating your relationship with your partner.  Likewise, your boudoir album is that special occasion where you are celebrating you.


As my client, we'll walk through the process of creating your perfect albums, book, and wall art   

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